by Professor Kayven



First of all, it is my contention that that Scooby is in fact the last name while Doo is the first name.

Scooby is shared by Scooby Doo, Scooby Dum, and Scooby Dee. This seems to imply that Scooby is not a first name, but a family name. The Chinese used to place their family name first, while placing the name that signified their individuality second. Thus Doo is the name that picks the dog we all know and love from all other Scoobys. When we meet a dog named Scooby, we can be sure that somewhere in that dog's ancestory, we will find a common ancestor between Scooby Doo and this particular Scooby. What about Scrappy, you might ask? Well, remember that Scrappy is Scooby Doo's nephew. This means he is the son of a brother or sister to Scooby Doo. I postulate that Scooby Doo's sibling which sired Scrappy must have been a female relative, thus Scooby Doo's sister.

This makes sense because Scooby Doo's sister's children would take the family name of Scrappy's father. So Scrappy's father must have come from the house of Scrappy.

The most interesting part of all this is that it gives us a clue as to where Scooby Doo's ancestors come from. It isn't everyday that you see a talking dog, so where and who bred these animals? The naming practise of family name first points us toward China as being the birthplace for Scooby Doo's breed.

All of this breed resembles Scooby Doo, except for Scooby Dum who is obviously the child of a mixed marriage. Thus explaining the decrese in IQ. Theintelligence of Scooby's liniage must have been brought about by the breeding of intelligent dogs with other intelligent dogs exclusively, since Scooby Dum shows what can happen after one mixed breeding. Scooby Dum's grandchildren would be undistinguishable from the average dog. A scandle among the Scooby clan to be sure!

So, is there any evidence for such dogs in China? Well, in 1767 two "turqoise" porcelain "Dogs of Fo" were sold at an action (pgs. 376, 554 in Capt. F. Brinkley's China: Its History, Arts and Literature) for five times the price of any other items in the sale. These "Dogs of Fo" were lost in the last century and have never been recovered. Supposedly, these "Dogs of Fo" were representaions of dogs who were highly inteligent. They supposedly existed in the far eastern provinces of the Chinese Empire. They are described as being "similar to Great Danes in appearance" by Capt. Brinkley.

Now in trying to find out who "Fo" was, I came up with only one person: the emperor Fo Hsi (a.k.a. Fu Hsi). Fo Hsi was the Chinese emperor in 2852 B.C.

Legend has him as the man who taught the people marriage, music, writing, painting, fishing, the domestication of animals, and he is the creator of the I Ching. With the combination of having the enthusiaim for education and culture and of having the skills of domesticating animals, it isn't too hard to see how Fo Hsi might have tried to domesticate dogs into lovers of education and culture. No doubt the existence of such animals was hidden away given the many wars and unrest throughout the ages.

So what do this, you are asking, have to do with the Cthulhu Mythos? Well, the link lies in Fu Hsi. According to legend, Fu Hsi was rewarded for his many contributions to society and morals with the gift of immortality. This gift, bestowed upon him by the personification of the feminine principle of yin, Hsi Wang Mu, came in the form of a golden peach which kept its devourer from the clutches of death. Fu Hsi, and his wife Nu Wa, found themselves as one with eternal nature and knowing this state to be contrary to the position of emperor (for balance demands the change of power occasionally), Fu Hsi retired to the mountains and hid himself to the world along with his remaining talking dogs.

It was here that Fu Hsi sought the secrets of alchemy and magic. Slowly, Fu Hsi gained followers and assistants. Some came seeking the great emperor for his wisdom, others sought his rumoured success at the Elixir of Life, still others merely wished to escape the rule of whoever the present emperor was and found themselves accidentally coming upon the hidden kingdom of the Deathless Emperor Fu Hsi.

After several centuries, this cabal or a small part of it eventually rejected their beneviolent emperor and rejected the notion that their secrets of alchemy, magic, and the reality of Earth's prehistoric past should be hidden entirely from the world. They in fact wished to use their knowledge to increase their control and domination of China and to bring about a new age where they they would be like the Great Old Ones themselves. Free and wild and beyond good and evil. Immortality combined with power in a world where nothing stood between them and a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom. They formed themselves into a Council of Seven and declared themselves the Kuen-Yuin. They took as their symbol the Chinese hieroglyphic meaning "the higher" or "the one above". From the Thugs of India to the Dacoits of Burma, they slowly began to infiltrate various secret societies and cults to do their bidding. They set themselves up as a sort of Eleusinian Mystery of the East holding to the belief that one day an Empress would rule over mankind. An Empress who remains always young and beautiful thanks to a series of reincarnations that also allow her to contain the wisdom of the ages. An Empress who exists to this day near the Tibetian town of Kathmandu as the Living Goddess of Patan, a girl whose attendants, maidens of good family, are selected for their personal charms and rendered dumb in order that they may never report what they see and hear. To those cults that know the truth of the Great Old Ones, no disguise is necessary for the Kuen-Yuin to wear.


Now since I have argued that Scooby's family comes from China, it only follows that Scooby Snacks must come from China as well. So taking an old China recipe and adding various ingredients found in Chinese legend and lore, we come up with a tasty snack. (And probably expensive too. That is why they never gave too many snacks at one time.)

First get a half a cup of chocolate. Put in a bowl and place over a pot of boiling water until melted. Then remove from heat and add one and a half tblsps. of corn syrup and one cup of sugar and mix. Then take one teaspoon of instant coffee powder, two-thirds a cup of hot milk, one teaspoon of Ginsing, and half a teaspoon of nutmeg and stir into the mixture. Add half a cup of chopped walnuts, one cup of Graham Cracker crumbs and one tablespoon of vanilla. Mix well.

Shape into about 35 balls or cylinders. Chill for twenty four hours then remove.

Now the only objection to this recipe being the Scooby Snack is that chocolate is poison to most dogs, however the point is that it is not ALWAYS poison.

Some dogs can eat chocolate and not get sick at all. Scooby is probably one of these dogs. This is obviously why the box is called Scooby Snacks and not Doggie Treats. Whoever is producing this Snack must be aware that only Scooby dogs are capable of eating it and I suggest that Scooby Snacks is a Chinese company in Hong Kong that is attempting to sell Scooby Snacks as human treats not doggie treats. The fact that later in the series Scooby had no trouble at all in getting as many Scooby Snacks as he wants presents the possiblity that this company was shutdown and is now operating solely for the benefit of Scooby and other dogs of his breed thanks to the human protectors of the dogs, a group possibly known as the Followers of Fo.