Hear the Critics Speak


Computer-Birthed Frog Boy

Let's see what the major media has to say about old Jar Jar...


EW declares Jar Jar Binks the #1 worst CG character ever:
...Nobody can deny his clunky pratfalls were annoying enough to launch a "Star Wars" backlash.

-- Entertainment Weekly, August 16, 2002


Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, talk about Binks' racist heritage:
"As many racism jokes as we tried to get in, George Lucas still floored us (by including) the most racist stuff ever," sighs Parker. "He does it so much better than we do."

-- Entertainment Weekly, August 16, 2002


Lucas could've toned down the Jar Jar Binks character a tad, though, as he was often annoying (what's up with that Jamaican accent?). Kids may like his catch phrases -- notably "How Rude" and "Me thinks ..." -- but his blather sometimes distracted from the rest of the dialogue.

-- Wired News, May 6 1999


Three words: Annoying alien sidekick.

Sci-fi films too often resort to an irritating, cuddly alien for comic relief. True to formula, such creatures don't have a complete grasp of English -- leading to gags where they inevitably say something inappropriate.

Such is the case with Jar Jar Binks, the alien who wears out his welcome after 10 minutes of screen time in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

-- Wired News, May 12 1999

Yoda puts in a cameo, but the film's designated alien is Jar Jar Binks, a rabbit-eared ambulatory lizard whose pidgin English degenerates from pseudo-Caribbean patois to Teletubby gurgle."

Jar Jar and his fellow Gungans suck the oxygen out of every scene; their human costars seem understandably asphyxiated.

--The Village Voice

After waiting 16 years for the first prequel to the original trilogy, audiences almost universally found something to deride in "Phantom Menace," a critical dud that sacrificed story to special effects and introduced the loathed buffoon Jar Jar Binks.

-- MSNBC, May 9 2002

The Gungan klutz Jar Jar Binks, who talks (sometimes unintelligibly) like a Muppet Peter Lorre and walks as if he had Slinkys for legs, is more annoying than endearing.

-- Time Magazine, May 16 1999

The new sidekick, a computer-birthed frog boy named Jar Jar Binks, is a vexing, endearing mix of Kipling's Gunga Din and Tolkien's Gollum, and speaks in a pidgin English ("Yousa Jedi not all yousa cracked up to be!") that will be every kid's secret language this summer...

Reaching Naboo, they are befriended--hounded, really--by Jar Jar, a disaster-prone outcast of the Gungan race.

-- Time Magazine, May 25 1999

The Phantom Menace throws in a rabbit-eared mascot named Jar Jar Binks, whose goofy tongue-twisting patois renders him a nuisance within 30 seconds...

-- Entertainment Weekly, May 21 1999

... bizarre alien beings [such] as Jar Jar Binks, a clumsy amphibious creature...

-- Entertainment Weekly, March 26 1999

For comic relief, we get the computer-generated Jar Jar Binks, a goofy, floppy-eared, vest-wearing toy serpent with a clumsy two-legged lope and an incomprehensible Caribbean accent. (He's a kind of extraterrestrial Stepin Fetchit.) Funny not he is, as Yoda would say.

-- Newsweek, May 17 1999

Particularly cloying for adults might be the character of Jar Jar Binks, an alien created entirely by computers at George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic. According to a report published on Wired.com, Jar Jar's got a Jamaican accent and uses catch phrases like "How rude!" and "Me thinks."

-- Newsweek, May 7 1999