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This guy is a freak, an imbicile, and an in-bred! Some nutcase must've slipped crack in Lucas's beer to make him think of that ****! He's a discrace to Star Wars! Lucas should do the movies the way he did the original trilogy. Jar Jar's nothing but a cross-dressing nymphomaniac! He should be donated to a biology class on Corascant and be slowly disected, alive!



There are no words to describe the pain the Binks thing should be put through......



They should stick jar jar in the movie CUBE with the characters and they could test the booby traps on him.If you saw the movie you would know wht iam talking about.



Star Wars Episode 1 was what I consider to be an "equal opportunity movie". Lucus had to inject a rapstar alien into his script and destroy his art. He should have taken his work more serious because the rest of the world takes it seriously. What he did to his movie was similar to taking a diamond and rubbing it in a mound of shit.



The sooner someone slices the big eared gimp in half the better.



how jar jar should meet his fate - chewbacca disembowels him in wookie ritual ceremony. two words chewbacca sodomization.



I must tell you that before I suffered a bad car accident, I hated Jar Jar unspeakably so. Now with the Dvd, I watch TPM once or twice a week and I can always see and be reminded of my hatered of Jar Jar, but even so, I can see what Lucas wanted Jar frikkin Jar to be. The biggest mistake was locking in Ahmed Best and his homo-Jamaican accent.



Show your hate for Jar Jar with some "Meesa Thinks Jar Jar SUCKS!" merchandise...



Okay I get it, Star Wars is a "kids movie", according to George Lucas. I still think the character Jar Jar was horrible and the animation was just as bad. There were a lot of key characters in Episode 1 that could have been explored in much greater detail. It seems obvious to me that this movie was written and cast to sell toys. The success of the old trilogy lay in the fact that most of the actors were unknown, the story had to be good or nobody would come see it. Now the story is lame so they paid a bunch of big names to stand around with muppets and promised great new special effects so that a larger market could get suckered into buying a ticket to this movie. I for one will not be seeing Episode 2 in the theatre. Sorry, George no pun but you alienated your Star Wars fans. PS: Why were the effects in Starship Troopers so much better than yours?



they should use the death star on Naboo and exterminate the entire race of retards



I don't hate Jar Jar but I feel he looks and acts entirely too silly. His role in episode 1 was useless. The movie would have been just fine with him cut completely out. I hope he doesn't appear in all three movies.



Jar Jar Binks represents George Lucas' inner disdain for humanity. He inflicted this retarded clam on us as punishment for being so stupid-or so it would seem. He (Lucas) must be surrounded by yes-men that wouldn't dare question his hubris on anything. So sneakiy is this pervasive evil that it possesses my reason and I find myself saying "Okie-day".



When I first saw TPM I thought Jar Jar was going to be the character that kids loved most. I even thought some of the things he did were funny.

But when I saw the movie for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time I was so over Jar Jar I wanted him dead like many others.

Fortunately he will have a much reduced role in ATOC.

BTW...fabulous site.



The Caring Parent's Guide to Keeping Your Home Jar Jar Free 

It's about time someone like you showed up. Where were you to warn us for those of us who waited in line days before the movie came out? Well actually I cheated. I cut in line at 6 AM one day while everybody else was sleeping in their tents, I got there first!...but the cut...was in vain.

Greetings I'm GokuFievel, and I've got a rant and rave on Jar Jar. First of all I remember that when me and my family saw Episode I we were all telling ourselves like, "You HAVE to love this movie, you have to love this movie no matter what" and the sad thing is...it worked. I tried my best to blot out Jar Jar the first time I saw it, and it worked. So when we left the theatre I only remember the pod racing scene and the lightsaber scene. (And I think George Lucas knew that. He knew that the people had to like it no matter what because they had been waiting for it for so long) But when I went back to the theatre to see it again...that's where I saw the problems and just how HORRIBLE THE MOVIE WAS!

First of all, too much Jar Jar, not enough Darth Maul. Maul could have been a real HIT if that stupid idiot didn't get in the way! Darth Maul's battle performance was spectacular, there should have been at least three more lightsabor battles,...but NO! They were all used up for Jar Jar to put on his comedy. What's wrong with Hollywood? They have always been on a role with something really good, but NO they just HAVE to bring in the comic relief which later ruins the film. Just like in Independence Day, the world being blown up by the spaceships was amazing, until Will Smith acted like a home boy and ruined everything else. On my site www.gokufievel.com I rate Anime, perhaps you've heard of it like DragonBall Z or Ranma 1/2. In really good anime they do NOT purposely force comic relief on you, the comedy presents itself...but Hollywood has thought lately that if you've got all these special effects that you can get away with bad acting. Unlike the old days where everything depended on acting.

I liked Anikin the first time I saw him because he reminded me of when I was a young actor in school (I'd tend to over do parts). But when I saw him more, I saw just how BAD his acting was. He SOOO over did his part.

If Anikin was a slave...why didn't they show him SUFFERING!? At least show his mother getting whipped by Wattoo. They could have shown Anikin use his powers when he'd would get angry seeing his mother getting whipped like a slave. But no, here's a HAPPY-GO LUCKY ANIKIN who must just loooooove slavery. Why is Anikin like a dwarf singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to slavery we go" I didn't buy him saying, "I dreamt I was a Jedi and freed all of the slaves" for a minute. He didn't mean it!

And the biggest thing I noticed even the first time I saw it, was that it sucked up to everyone including the Star Wars Fans. Episode 1 is suppose to be Episode 1!!! In other words as far as everybody else is concerned the other Star Wars films NEVER EXISTED! Yet Episode 1 had "Sequel" more than "Prequel" written all over it.

For instance that R2-D2 "It should be commended" thing was YUCK! The first time I saw it. They were sucking up to the "Great and famous R2-D2" Isn't this suppose to be the first movie? I saw that everybody that worked on this movie on camera had this, "I'm on Star Wars...Ooo! I'm actually on the legendary Star Wars Yippee!" look on their faces. Lucas should have pretended that nobody had ever seen Star Wars before.

And now finally my thoughts on Jar Jar. I knew he was trouble the moment he opened his big mouth on the big screen. And the gungans themselves were even worse! Why were they talking like 2 YEAR OLDS!? "Oh, Jar Jar, you iz in big doo-doo this time" I went "What the #&^@ is that Kindergarten line doing in a Star Wars Movie!?" Then the gungan King with his froggy "Brrrrrrrrrrr!" move was SOULY for the kiddies in the audience. If Lucas wanted the Gungans to play a serious role they should have had a better reason for hating the Naboo.

Jar Jar would just never go away, I'd rather see more of Kenobi after all he's the real key player!

Lucas put Jar Jar in souly for the kids and I know why. I once substituted for a Sunday School teacher in 1999 to little kids (and I haven't since) and as I was talking about Moses the subject of Jar Jar came up, and all of the kids loved him to death while I gave my own opinions. Then I asked them what they thought of the other Star Wars movies...and they went like "There's more?"

Lucas made the same mistake in Return of the Jedi when he had the Ewoks acting so cute and cudely yet they were fighting the Empire. They got away with that because the rest of Return of the Jedi was really good. But it shows that Lucas can repeat mistakes, even make them worse.

It's true that you do need a non-human character to please the kids while the adults concentrate on the actors, but the truth is C-3PO and R2-D2 had already been doing that for the other Star Wars films, why did they get the short end of the stick? The robots alone should have pleased the kids but no...Lucas got greedy!

Over all Jar Jar Binks put a curse on the whole long awaited movie. And if it weren't for Darth Maul's great battle, the whole movie would have been in vain.

One final problem with the movie was the conflict itself. Couldn't the war have been more vicious and more outnumbered like the other Star Wars movies were? What I'm saying is in the other ones they were up against a GREAT and powerful Empire! In which the odds were stacked against them. They were just a small Rebel band of leftover fighters against a mighty dictating army. While Naboo...since from the beginning you knew Naboo's chances of winning were already high. That invasion was never convincing. They spoke of people suffering on Naboo? Ya, where? The Trade Federation was no mighty enemy...they were just business men with guns. Very easily defeated, they had robots not soldiers to do the fighting for them...that's a WEAK ARMY! We should have seen much more war in Episode I.

If I were involved with making or fixing Star Wars Episode I: I would do the following things.

1: Give Jake Lloyd some much better and much needed acting lessons! And if he can't do it, fire him and hire another Anikin.

2: Show Anikin suffering from his slavery. If he is to become the great and evil Darth Vader...to become a great villain you must have had a bad childhood. But Anikin looked like he was having too much fun being a Junkyard slave. Show Anikin getting really angry and using some of his powers. Show Anikin unable to control some of his powers, (like young Gohan in Dragonball Z) in another sense show WHY Yoda didn't want to train the boy!

3: I would have said that the Naboo and the Gungans were at a Civil War a hundred years ago and that the gungans were reduced to the ponds. I mean it would figure why they were down there hating the Naboo, then after the war the Naboo turned good and joined the Republic while the Gungans stayed thinking the Naboo were still evil. But NO! They're story was that the Naboo's brains were bigger. BIG DEAL!

4: Cut scenes with too much Jar Jar and replace them with new battle scenes. It's never too late to refilm, did you know that Tim Burton refilmed some scenes for "Planet of the Apes" only weeks before it was to come out.

5: For Pete's sakes! Show Darth Maul, make him have at least a few more lines. But keep him quiet. I like Darth Maul not saying a word most of the time, it shows true evilness. And Darth Vader was too much of a blabber mouth.

6: Give a better reason why the Trade Federation would want to blockade Naboo

7: Show the Invasion doing more damage than it looked like, the Trade Federation Invasion looked more like they were parking a whole army on Naboo instead of tearing the place apart.

8: (This is what you want to hear) Jar Jar Binks should have either gotten killed or severely injured in the Naboo battle. In the Death Star Luke lost all of his friends except for Wedge and in the other movies Luke lost more friends during the war. You can't have a war without the good guys loosing precious people so Jar Jar should have died in the battle to keep up the Star Wars tradition to kill off at least one good guy! Or at least injure him to a wheelchair.

9: The veterans of the original Star Wars were treated with NO RESPECT AT ALL! R2-D2 should have done a lot more. And C-3PO should have not only done more but he should have been built by SOMEONE ELSE! How about Anikin's mother built C-3PO to help Anikin talk to Non-English speaking aliens.

10: A More dramatic final space battle scene but the Lightsaber battle was the Icing on the cake!

And finally I have only one more thing to say and it's not to you...it's to George Lucas himself should he ever in the future or one of his affiliates come across your site. I want him to know some factors right now.

"Mr. Lucas, I have always had respect for you since I was a child. Star Wars was one of the very first movies I ever saw. And I did reports on you in school when you re-released the old Star Wars movies...but Mr. Lucas...you have made a terrible mistake with Star Wars Episode I and I am going to make sure that you don't do the same thing in Episodes II and III."

"Mr. Lucas, you depended way too much on special effects. Keep in mind that special effects are just the background, extra's even. They don't count as characters. No matter how good the effect is, if it's got a lousy story and bad acting...the effects are absolutely NO GOOD!"

"Mr. Lucas, you got greedy with Jar Jar. He was just there to be the suck up to the kids and (so-called home-boys) but he failed to provide any real help."

"Mr. Lucas I'm afraid that you've strayed from your original expertise in fantasy war. The battle with the Empire was absolutely brilliant! But the Trade Federation were no more than just a bunch of businessmen with war toys. We need MUCH WORSE VILLAINS THAN THAT!"

"Mr. Lucas I read that the original Star Wars was influenced by WWII and the Roman Empire. I think that the Clone Wars should be modeled after WWI."

"Mr. Lucas I have seen the previews for Episode II, and I'm afraid that you have made the exact same mistake. You've CHANGED Star Wars for the WORSE! The Clone Wars had BETTER BE GOOD because in Episode IV Luke kept referring to it as if it had been a major war. But the Naboo incident was no good, Kosovo was a more realistic war than the Naboo conflict!"

"I heard rumors that you're going to show N*SYNC on Star Wars Episode II. Lucas if you do that over half of the Star Wars fans WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU IF YOU FOR THAT! If you let N*NYNC on, it is saying out loud that you are SUCKING UP TO THE GIRLS AND TO THE STARS!!! You hired unknown stars in the original Star Wars......why not for these?"

"Also Mr. Lucas one final piece of advice I'd like to give to you and you can forget all of the rest of it."

"Mr. Lucas pretend that we have all NEVER HEARD OF STAR WARS BEFORE IN OUR LIVES!!! Show each sequel as if it were the first impression. And if you blow you're so-called first impression, you're career is over!"

"Mr. Lucas Episode I didn't have Prequel written all over it. It had 'Sequel' written all over it."

"Mr. Lucas there had better be a very good reason for Anikin to turn to the Dark Side. Mr. Lucas before you put out Episodes II and III I want you to review and re-watch those movies over and over again and if you see anything the slightest, "Cheesy, lame, or something that can be better" re-shoot it! It's never too late to do that. Tim Burton has done last second editing on a few of his films."

"And finally Mr. Lucas as a final warning. If you mess up Episode II...DON'T COUNT ON US SEEING AN EPISODE III! And that's a threat from all of us! Thank You!"

And Thank You for posting this LONG rant and rave on your site. Sorry for it being so long but I had to get some things off my chest too. Thank You!