The Flan


The Flan Schools

The Flan are a minority everywhere in the Flanaess. Until recently the Duchy of Tenh was the only politically sizable Flan enclave, and with their subjugation by Stonefist even that is gone. The Flan apparently have been developing their own martial arts, which are comparatively recent (invented during the last several hundred years) as opposed to the millennia-old schools of the Bakluni and Suel. In many places across the Flanaess less civilized than the Sheldomar, the Flan are often discriminated against, mistrusted, and even enslaved in the evil kingdoms. The Flan have been developing these arts in response to such problems.

There is no single Flan group practicing these arts. Instead this form of combat has become somewhat of a national pastime. Schools openly teaching martial arts were common in Tenh until recently. Many students would go live at an academy dedicated to teaching and developing these styles. The predominant style taught by these academies is known simply as "Tiger Style," for its fierce and catlike nature. These schools have been declared illegal by the Tenh occupation forces and are suppressed whenever they resurface. Many of its masters and students have fled to Nyrond and other locations.

In addition to these formal academies, the Tenha have proved to be most resourceful and eclectic in collecting moves from other Flanaess styles and making them their own. Wandering Flan masters teach a variety of styles often referred to as "drunken styles," in reference to their odd gait and nonthreatening appearance, which are collections of powers gleaned from the other major martial arts schools.

Nyrond and the other kingdoms are not allowing these schools to be reopened in their lands for fear of internal strife. The Tenha (and the Flan in general) are opposed to I-- and his forces of darkness, and many of the displaced citizens of Sterich and Geoff are of Flan descent. Not only does this school pose no threat to Keoish interests, I would like to advance the possibility of allowing these refugees to open such a school in Keoland. It would reinforce our good will towards those peoples and provide us with a well-trained addition to our fighting forces.

Flan ("Tiger Style")

The Flan Tiger Style is no longer formally taught in any known locations. It is a new, vital style that concentrates on unleashing the fierceness of the fighter in a nearly uncontrolled fashion. It is also the only martial arts style in the Flanaess that actively makes use of weapons in its training. Trainees use a variety of improvised weapons, but the chief weapon of the style is a pair of sturdy sticks called "tiger sticks." These weapons are easily manufactured or obtained from common everyday implements, or from sundering staves, farming tools, or household cleaning implements. Masters often carry a pair of shellacked sticks carved in a tiger-stripe pattern (which sometimes leave that same pattern upon their opponents).

Tiger (Jo) Sticks: Damage 1d6 (S-M)/1d3 (L), speed factor 2. Tiger sticks are treated as martial arts weapons for practitioners of Tiger Style, and can be used to perform chi powers.

Tiger Style

Tiger Fist (L1)
Tiger's Eye (L1)
Instant Stand (L2)
Tiger Senses (L2)
Tiger Claw (L3)
Tiger Stance (L4)
Improvise Weapon (L5)
Vengeance of the Tiger (L5)
Unyielding Tiger Stance (L6)
Tiger in the Grass (L7)

One drunken style: Eight Drunken Faeries

Lu, the sober drunkard - Drunken Stance (L4)
Li, the cripple with the powerful leg - Stomp of the Dragon (L4)
Han, holding a pot in his arms – Recoil and Strike (L2)
Lan, a sudden attack at the waist - Lightning Fist (L3)
Chan, the superior double kick – No-shadow Kick (L1)
Han Hsiang-Chi, blowing his flute - Fist of Steel (L3)
Tso, the desperate throat lock - Choking Coil (L3)
Miss Ho, swinging her body around - Tornado Dodge (L3)


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