Martial Monastic Orders of the Flanaess


To His Peerless Majesty, King Kimbertos Skotti of Keoland

From his humble servant, Captain Tristan Lumley of the Keoish Office of Intelligence
2nd Harvester, Common Year 586

Your Highness,

According to your personal request, I have completed my study of the martial orders of the Flanaess and have forwarded it to you for your viewing only. Our office’s copy has been sealed and filed as confidential.


Martial Arts in the Flanaess

The Flanaess is home to a number of different martial orders. Some of these orders are simply groups of devout followers of some deity or philosophy, who have removed themselves from society into a formal organization devoted to their cause. Others are secret societies with political goals, and still others are loose affiliations of warriors. All these orders have become highly skilled in a form of combat unlike the general modes of warfare commonly used in the Flanaess today. Its practitioners call this form of combat the "martial arts."

This style of combat consists of various forms of hand, palm, and fist strikes, along with kicks, knee and elbow strikes, gymnastics, and just about any contortion of the human body you can imagine. Some orders incorporate weapons into their training, but most concentrate entirely on unarmed and unarmored fighting. Devotees of the martial arts claim that their powers are not entirely physical, but are augmented by a force that they call by different names, including "chi" and "edel", which they harness to perform superhuman feats. This power sounds similar to the powers displayed by various mentalist orders, but is distinct from them. These powers are not magic, and conventional magical detection and wards do not avail against them.

These orders are very different in their motivations and philosophies, but all share in common an intense dedication to their training. Each school also has a number of secret strikes and powers that they jealously guard from outsiders and even from lower level initiates. Many of the orders teach such powers only to followers who have passed tests or performed ritual combat to prove their worthiness. These orders all have long histories, and have developed distinctive characteristics and fighting styles all their own. Many of these groups have their origin in religious monastic orders, and the common folk generally call any person fighting using this style a "monk."

These so-called martial arts are thought by many to be of limited use in the heavily armed and armored battlefields of the Flanaess. And it is true that the Oeridian school of combat is most prominent in the armed forces of all civilized nations. For the sake of completeness, however, I have investigated all the major known martial arts schools of the Flanaess and detailed what I have learned below.



Commonly Known Martial Arts Maneuvers

Some martial art forms are universal, and appear to be known by most of the martial orders of the Flanaess. A list of some of the common powers shared by most martial art schools follows.

Axe Kick (L1)
Crushing Blow (L1)
Five Happiness Fist (L1)
Hands Without Shadow (L1)
Jump (L1)
No-shadow Kick (L1)
Prone Fighting (L1)
Circle Kick (L2)
Inner Focus (L2)
Iron Skin (L2)
Iron Will (L2)
Leap (L2)
Fist of Steel (L3)
Giant Leap (L3)
Mantis Block (L3)
Immovable Stance (L3)
Iron Cloth (L3)
Steady Step (L3)
Drunken Stance (L4)
Flower Petal (L4)
Mind Over Body (L4)
Mantis Strike (L5)
Tortoise Shell (L5)
Mind Bar (L6)


This is as complete a catalog as was possible in the time allowed. I hope it can be of some strategic value against the forces besetting our kingdom from all sides. In my opinion, further investigation is certainly merited; these combat styles are perfect for lightly armed and armored spies and scouts (a topic near and dear to those of us in the Office of Intelligence). And the more we understand them, the better equipped we will be to deal with the most infamous of these orders, the Scarlet Brotherhood. As conventional magic does not serve to detect these powers, they are a clear threat to our internal security until such time as we have a way to counteract them.


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