The Far West


The Celestial Imperium

Though having little to do with the Flanaess, the Western empire known as the Celestial Imperium reportedly houses even more powerful monastic orders than do the Bakluni. To hear the (scarce) travelers' tales, the martial arts are much more common in the West. I have heard many fantastic tales, but the only one I have been able to confirm is that the nobles of the Celestial Imperium are all taught a martial art style called "Lung Wang", which in their language means "Dragon King." This style does not forgo the use of weapons as Da'shon does, and has incredible combat forms, if a tenth of the stories are true. This information is highly suspect, however - the Celestial Imperium does not welcome outsiders, even for trade purposes, and on this point my sources are few and unreliable.

The other point on which they agreed, however, was a curious legend that all these nobles for the last thousand years have been taught the martial arts by a single man. This man is called "Xian Lung" or "Eternal Dragon", and they say he has mastered his body to the point that he does not age, and has remained alive for at least a millenium! The tales say that he will not teach that secret except to a worthy man, and he has not found such a man in the last thousand years of Imperium nobility.

We have had no contact with representatives from the Celestial Imperium for as long as men remember, and the current state of the giant-ridden lands to our west assures little contact in the future. The Celestial Imperium does not pose any current threat to our kingdom or its policies.

Lung Wang ("Dragon King") School

This art is only taught to the nobility of the Celestial Imperium, though I have heard reports that some Easterners have occasionally somehow come into knowledge of it. One of our agents, a usually reliable man, indicates that Li Hon of the Baklunish Flannae-tel monastery has been seen to use attack forms bearing at least a cosmetic similarity to this style.

These martial artists do not reject the use of other arms, and often make use of a wide variety of swords, spears, and more bizarre weapons. All these maneuvers are modeled after the immense strength, yet odd grace of a dragon in its full glory.

Lung Wang "Dragon King" Style

Bite of the Dragon (L1)
Tail of the Dragon (L1)
Tongue of the Dragon (L1)
Breath of the Dragon (L2)
Eye of the Dragon (L2)
Wings of the Dragon (L2)
Claw of the Dragon (L3)
Horns of the Dragon (L3)
Stomp of the Dragon (L4)
Strength of the Dragon (L4)
Blood of the Dragon (L5)
Dragon's Crush (L5)
Scales of the Dragon (L6)
Will of the Dragon (L6)
Arrogance of the Dragon (L7)
Swoop of the Dragon (L7)
Venerable Dragon (L7)


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