Unclassified Groups


The Mystics

The most elusive of the martial arts groups of the Flanaess are a group of reclusive mystics rumored to inhabit the hills around the Rift Canyon in the former Bandit Kingdoms. Reports of this group vary, and I have been able to confirm none of them. Even if this order existed, the occupation of that area by the evil hordes of I-- makes it likely that they have been eradicated.

This order is told of by a traveler who found himself wounded and alone in the area in pre-occupation times. A group of these hermits took him in and healed him of his wounds and resulting fever. They spoke oddly accented Common to him and another, unidentified language to each other. Their powers were less combat-intensive than the other groups I have investigated, but the traveler (now an old man) is sure that they used the term "chi," the same term the Flan use in reference to the life-force they manipulate to enable their martial arts powers.

The powers he saw displayed concentrated on healing and other manipulations of this force. They did display a number of attack routines that were mostly of a throwing or pushing nature, with little emphasis on strikes or kicks – but were no less dangerous for all that.

Mystic Style

Concentrated Push (L1)
Great Throw (L2)
Empathy (L3)
Feign Death (L3)
Healing Chi (L3)
Flow of Chi (L4)
One Finger (L4)
Stunning Touch (L4)
Chi Sight (L5)
Healing Trance (L5)
Read Chi Residue (L5)
Quivering Palm (L6)
Transfer Chi (L7)
Dim Mak (L7)
Premonition (L7)
Rebalance Chi (L7)


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