The Bakluni


The D'ai Shatain and Al D'ai Shatain

It is generally agreed that the Bakluni first introduced the martial arts to the Flanaess. The Bakluni have long followed their goddess Xan Yae and her companion Zuoken. Certain monastic groups once affiliated with these priesthoods have become some of the most proficient practitioners of these arts. There are two major groups of this sort common in what was once the Baklunish Empire. The first, the D'ai Shatain, form half of the D'ai Shaton, the clergy dedicated to Xan Yae. A related group called the Abid dal Xan forms the other half, but they are dedicated only to mastery of the mind. The D'ai Shatain have "perfected" a deadly form of weaponless combat they call the Da'shon, or "Falling Hail". They liken this form of combat to acts of nature, especially storms and other violent phenomena. This form is shared with some variations by the clergy of Zuoken, which is similarly made up of a martial order, the Al D'ai Shatain, and a mentalist order, the Zefim.

The Al D'ai Shatain are the most highly trained practitioners of Da'shon, as well as the most mobile. The D'ai Shatain generally do not leave Baklunish lands, and have turned their training to more esoteric pursuits, stressing the "twilight empire" of Xan Yae. Both groups historically have had a history of nonintervention in the political events of the Flanaess, and little presence east of the Barrier Peaks except for an Al D'ai Shatain monastery in the Cairn Hills in the Duchy of Urnst. This monastery, called "Flannae-tel", is led by one Master Li Hon, and has been fairly active in that area. Recently, the forces there were added to by part of the large group of monks that traveled through our capitol in CY 573. This group, which we had heard called the "D'ar es Shalim", is not a separate group at all, but only travelling members of these clergies (the term D'ar es Shalim means roughly "Seekers" in their tongue).

Of the group of D'ar es Shalim that convened in Niole Dra, who numbered between 150 and 200 souls (a more precise count was attempted, but was somehow thwarted), approximately a hundred are now located in the Flannae-tel monastery. Another group of fifty traveled to Dorakaa in the cursed lands of I--, and our agents lost sight of them upon entry - nothing more has been heard of those poor souls. Some others, no more than fifty in total, have dispersed into individuals and small groups and roam the Flanaess looking for an undetermined objective. Our agents have not been able to determine the root cause of their quest. Though powerful fighters, these D'ai Shatain seem to be opposed to the Scarlet Brotherhood and have shown no sign of intervention in Sheldomar policy. I therefore conclude that this group poses no immediate threat to the Crown. We will continue our surveillance of the D'ar es Shalim remaining in Keoish territories.

Da'shon ("Falling Hail") School

Da'shon is a method of unarmed combat that its practitioners compare to the powerful forces of nature. Its devotees often spend years studying and exposing themselves to the elements while performing feats of immense concentration and physical prowess. The style's sudden, violent strikes contrast to its passive, flowing methods for escaping physical and magical harm. Weapons and armor are never used by its practitioners, and the Bakluni have a legend of Zuoken (before he was a god) defeating a great number of armed forces using only this style. This is the most common style you will find among the D'ar es Shalim in the Flanaess.

There is a sub-school of nuns within the D'ai Shatain called the El'malel, or "Twilight Song," that have concentrated on other powers, allegedly having much to do with the twilight their goddess represents, and the movement and song of birds. This form is extremely uncommon outside Baklunish lands.

These monks only rarely teach their secrets to outsiders, and then only to devout Baklunish followers of Xan Yae or Zuoken.

Da'shon ("Falling Hail") School

Edge of the Storm (L1)
Spring Breeze (L1)
The Rain Falls (L1)
Flying Kick (L2)
The Lightning Strikes (L2)
Willow Step (L2)
Flow Like Water (L3)
Lightning Fist (L3)
Natural Order (L3)
Tornado Dodge (L3)
Calm Pond (L4)
Eye of the Storm (L4)
Storm Wind (L4)
Flying Windmill Kick (L5)
Mountain Stream (L5)
The Storm Reverses (L6)
Thunder Kick (L6)
One With Nature (L7)
Torrent of Fury (L7)

El'malel "Twilight Song" School

Sparrow Palm (L1)
The Shadow Passes (L1)
Eagle Eye (L2)
Friend of Shadow (L2)
Raven's Cry (L2)
Shadow Self (L3)
Swallow's Dart (L3)
Crane's Call (L4)
Desperate Lark (L4)
Friend of Darkness (L4)
Shadow Step (L5)
Nightingale's Song (L6)
Eagle Claw (L7)
Shadow Walk (L7)

See Erik Mona's Oerth Journal articles Baklunish Delights, Part 1 and Baklunish Delights, Part 2 for more information on the Bakluni and these organizations.


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