The Official E-Zine of the Christian Gamer's Guild
Volume 2, Issue 1 • January-March 2000


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  • Experience Talks Part 2
    Dave Mattingly continues his article on how to run a good game. This time he examines the art of being a good player.
  • Real & Imaginary Violence
    M. Joseph Young examines the use of violence in RPGs, and discusses whether or not it has a place in a Christian game.
  • The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail...
    Dale Meier shows you how to even out the spiritual battlefield in your Call of Cthulhu campaign.
  • Keeping Their Heads Down
    Charles Franklin discusses the concept of the "fog of battle" and includes rules for adding it to your firearm genre games.
  • FaultFinder
    From the creative mind of Ernest Mueller (creator of The Death to Jar Jar Binks Home Page) comes this complete and ready-to-run RPG.

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