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Volume 3, Issue 1 • Fall 2002


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Contents - Issue 3, "Magic"

Magic Symposium
Essays addressing the problem of a Christian playing an RPG that makes use of magic.
  • Magic as Part of Creation
    Rodney Barnes
  • Magic: Essential to Faith, Essential to Fantasy
    M. Joseph Young
  • Magic in Role-Playing Games: A Moral Taboo?
    Tim Brown
  • RPG Magic from a Christian Perspective
    Ron Hancock
Shining the Light On...
Reviews of games from a Christian perspective.
  • A Quick look At Mage: The Ascension
    Seth Ben-Ezra
    A Christian viewpoint on a magic-centric game.
  • Glamer & Chrome
    Dale Meier
    New magic rules for the DC Universe RPG.
Lives of the Saints
NPCs for various game systems.
  • The Samaritan
    Dave Mattingly
    A Christian superhero NPC for the Hero System.
Pious Speculations
Original fiction.
  • Personal Log
    Kelly Tessena
    A Starfleet cadet tries to mesh her Christianity with her new career.
Casting Lots
New and complete games.
  • Precious Moments Miniatures Wars
    Rodney Barnes
    Use those cute little trinkets for some hard hitting battle action!

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