The Official E-Zine of the Christian Gamer's Guild

Submission Guidelines
These guidelines are current as of 7/12/2002 and are subject to change without notice. The Way, The Truth, and the Dice will henceforth be refered to as WT&D.

The purpose of WT&D is two-fold. Primarily, it is designed as a tool to help equip Christian gamers to be salt and light to the gaming community. Secondly, it is designed to showcase gaming materials written by Christian authors. Articles submitted to WT&D should fall under one of these two categories.

Suggested articles serving the first purpose include ways to GM while incorporating a Christian world-view, suggestions on expressing your faith through game playing, building bridges between the church and the gaming community, how to utilize game mechanics to represent spiritual matters, adapting existing game settings to incorporate a Christian world-view, faith-oriented scenarios or short adventures for generic or specific RPGs, or short stories touching on religion that fit within common RPG settings (e.g. fantasy, science fiction). You are certainly not limited to the preceding list, but it should give you an idea of the types of things we are looking for. 

Articles serving the second purpose (showcasing Christian authors) do not have to be religious in nature; any sort of gaming article is fair game. There are ongoing e-zine features dedicated to publishing NPCs, game reviews, fiction, and mini-games. See previous WT&D issues for the wide range of articles we will print.

Artwork should either fall within the stated theme of the e-zine or be general in nature (i.e. non-article specific or decorative). Cartoons are also welcome. Illustrations for specific articles are desired, and if you wish to be contacted for specific assignments please state this in your cover letter when you submit your work.

A Note on Theology and Denomination
The WT&D is an open forum for publishing gaming articles and does not play "theology police" with submissions. As long as articles are not offensive in nature or advocate clearly un-Christian principles, they will be considered for publication. Satire and critique is acceptable. If you wish to view the CGG's complete statement of faith, please visit our homepage. Furthermore, the CGG is a non-denominational organization, and thus materials submitted should not promote any single denomination above others, nor should any submitted material seek to discredit any Christian denomination.

Article lengths of 800 to 3200 words are preferred. Maximum article length is 4800 words. Articles longer than 4800 words may be accepted, but should only be submitted after sending a query letter to the editors for approval of the article in question. Such articles may be heavily edited for length or spread over multiple issues. All material submitted must be the original work of the contributor, and the contributor must own the rights to the work submitted. Smaller articles are also welcome for use as fillers (these can be news items, convention information, short game reviews, etc.).

Email Submissions: Email submissions must include your name, address, telephone number, email address and approximate word count on the first few lines of the message. Email submissions must be in RTF or raw ASCII format. If you are using Microsoft Word to compose your article please save your file as RTF before sending it to us. If submitting in ASCII, indication of italicized words should be done by enclosing said word(s) in asterisks (e.g. *word*). Indication of bold faced words should be done by typing said word(s) in all caps (e.g. WORD). Email submissions should be mailed to Please use "WT&D Submission" as the subject of your message.

Conventional Mail Submissions: Email submissions are preferred, but conventional mail submissions will be accepted. Manuscripts submitted by conventional mail must be typed on white paper, double-spaced, with adequate margins on all sides. Your name, address, telephone number, email address (if applicable) and approximate word count must appear on the top left corner of the first page. An appropriately sized SASE should accompany the manuscript if you wish it returned to you. Manuscripts should be mailed to:

The Way, The Truth, & the Dice
c/o Ernest Mueller
21 Tanglewood Ct #7
West Warwick, RI 02893

Artwork can be black and white lineart, grayscale or full color. As with article submissions, artwork must be the original work of the contributor and the contributor must own the rights to the work submitted.

Conventional Mail Submissions: Email submissions are preferred, but conventional mail submissions will be accepted. Artwork submitted by conventional mail must be no larger than 8.5 x 11". Artwork should be mailed flat. An appropriately sized SASE should accompany artwork if you would like it to be returned. A cover letter should also be included with your name, address, phone number and email address (if applicable). Conventional mail submissions should be sent to the address listed above.

Email Submissions: Email submissions should be low resolution (72 to 100dpi). File size should be a maximum of 500KB (unless prior arrangements have been made). Image files can be in TIFF or JPEG format (JPEG is preferred). Files should be sent as attachments to the email address listed above with an accompanying message that includes your name, address, email address and phone number.

Copyright Information
By submitting a work to WT&D you are agreeing to grant us one-time publication rights to your work as well as the right to freely distribute your work as part of the e-zine (including the HTML version of the e-zine on the WT&D Web site). You retain full rights to your work and we will not publish it outside of the e-zine without your express permission.

WT&D is freely distributed in the following ways: electronically (in PDF and HTML format) over the Internet and in hardcopy form by those readers who wish to print out one of the electronic forms and distribute it. The WT&D e-zine is a free publication and will be distributed without time limit. By contributing to WT&D you are agreeing to allow us to distribute your work in this way.

We do not offer monetary compensation for works submitted, but you will be given credit for your work within the publication. If your work is published, you can submit a brief bio (no more than 100 words) about yourself that will be included in the e-zine.

Submission of a work to WT&D does not guarantee acceptance for publication. You will be contacted if your submission is accepted.  It is possible that we may wish to hold your contribution until a future issue. If this is the case, you will be contacted.   You will be notified if your article is rejected, but submitted materials will not be returned unless sent via conventional mail and a SASE is enclosed.

Editorial Oversight
We reserve the right to edit your work for content, grammar, presentation, or other reasons of fitness of publication. Such editing is entirely at the discretion of the WT&D staff.  We will make an effort to inform you and solicit your input on such changes.  Sometimes out editorial staff will return an article to an author requesting substantial changes be made; this is not a declaration of acceptance of the work for publication.