Subject: Different types of methadone
From: recidivst3@aol.com
Date: 08/02/97

First let me say that this site is incredible, I'm very thankful that it exists, this is so extremely important, I wish I had found it sooner..so thank you very much Eric, you do us all a wonderful service by having this here.

Hey all, this is Jeremy, just like most of you I'm sure, I'm on methadone, and have been for almost 2 years. I'm now at 40 mg, and I get by. The first thing I'm writing in response to is letter #247, and I think I saw some other letters on here about this same thing... Different types of methadone seem to have different potencies, and be very different in how they affect you (of course tell your clinic this, they find it amusing). But the first clinic I was on was St Paul Metro Treatment Center up in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, their methadone came in little sealed bottles like take home bottles, but a little smaller, like factory sealed. Individually labelled in 5 mg increments, when you went in they would open the bottles and cut the foil seal with a pen-knife and of course add water to give you your dose. Take homes were given sealed. The methadone itself was very watery, light pink, not flavored (well actually it tasted like shit, but I was sure a taste I learned to love), and now that I've had 3 other types I have to say that it was by far the best.

At the time, since it was my first clinic experience I had no idea that other types of methadone varied as to how well they worked. I've talked to people about this and they don't seem to understand...

When I went on a trip to St Louis to find a new place to live I had to set up a guest dose. The clinic in St Louis (where I now dose daily) is where it was set up, and they have a computer dosing system, like a PC hooked up to an automatic pump (which is an entire other problem, whoever invented this marvel of high tech wizardry should be taken out and shot). The methadone itself is "cherry" flavored, the "brand name" is Methadose, and it comes in a big bottle (I've had dreams about those big bottles, one could dose you for like 2 years). To get to the point: it sux, and when I first tried this methadone on my trip where I was being guest dosed for 3 days I got sick. I was given 30 mg, just like my regular dose at the time, but it didn't hold me at all, I mean a big difference (this is the methadone I now take everyday, and of course I'm used to it by now).

Now I've also had those wafers from a clinic in California that I use when I go home to visit my family (that's where I'm from). They're like big white square rounded pills that dissolve and then they add orange syrup. Those and the one time I got methadone tablets (in a hospital ER I went to when I once tried to quit cold turkey from methadone and after a week had had enough) seem about the same, they work well, hold you all night, work good - no complaints.

So what's up with this? Why is the watery stuff from MN like super methadone, and the Methadose so obviously inferior? It can't even compare to the tablets..this isn't just in my head. Another problem with the Methadose is that the computer system they use at my clinic seems to give out different doses every day, I can tell by the taste, and by how I feel, it's not consistent, I drink it everyday, this is a fact. If your clinic ever tells you "guess what, were getting a computer dosing system!!" do anything you can to stop it. Another thing that happens is that occasionally this computer won't work, or it crashes. You just have to wait...sometimes hours....which sucks...so anyway...

I have other things to rant about, but I think since I've written an entire book here I'll quit for tonight. If any of you who are on AOL see me on-line, or if anyone ever wants to write to someone I'd love to meet others who are on methadone. Just write me at recidivst3@aol.com, or instant message me, I'd love to talk to you....Jeremy

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