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his document shows that the Fancher Family name found in Connecticut
                                   about 1728 was spelled predominately as Fanshaw until about 1740 and
                                   Fanshaw and Fancy as late as 1760.  The English pronounced Fanshaw
                                   as "Fanshur" or "Fanshore" which easily evolved to Fancher and Fansher
                                   in a time of our country when a large part of the population could not read
                                   nor write or had very little formal school education.  The family tradition of
                                  Richard  and John Fancher coming from Long Island to Connecticut and
                                  evidence of Fanshaw Family on Long Island and many other bits of
                                  information give  credence to this connection with our ancestors.



New Haven Colony 1643; Suffolk County, New York 1652 to 1677

With Notes Discrediting The Relationship Of David Faucher,

French Threadneedle Street Church, London, England,

To The American Colonial Fancher Family.


The Origin of the Fancher Surname in America

Spellings Of The Fancher Surname In The Original Colonial Documents

Fanshaw Family


Presented As Evidence Of The Surname Origin


Paul Buford Fancher


Alison Courtot Wallner

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