Early 1700's Fancher Families

The relationship of the earliest Fanchers in colonial America is assumed to be brothers and sisters, based upon many factors. The names of the mother and father are not known. The children:

1. Catherine Fancher, married August 14, 1717, Branford, Connecticut to Ebenezer Elwell, and died about 1743/4, eight children.

2. William Fancher, married November 20, 1723, Branford, Connecticut to Thankful Thompson, and died August 20, 1759, fourteen children.

3. Hannah Fancher, married June 6, 1728, Stamford, Connecticut to Joseph Garnsey, six children.

4. Richard Fancher, found in New Cannan, Connecticut aboutr 1725-1730, seven children.

5. John Fancher, married November 1736, Stamford, Connecticut to Eunice Bouton, ten children.

6. David Fancher, living in Stamford, Connecticut as early as 1730, five children.

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