Fancher/Fansher Information

Please enter your Fancher Family or Fancher connection information in the following blocks, and I will try to fit it with other families in my collection. Send as many of these forms as you wish when you have info about more than one family.

Enter the information in any way you like. Include what you know now and is convenient to enter. Do not wait until you go get the exact information or you may not get around to it. You give starting info and I will ask questions to help us. If this form confuses you, just jot down what you know in one of the blocks, and I will figure it out.  Examples:


From: Paul

Email Address:



Husband: Name, b: when and where, d: when and where, parents

Married: when and where

Wife: Maiden name, b: when and where, d: when and where, parents

Children: Name, b: when and where, d: when and where
Tell me more, e.g., occupations, military service, stories, family traditions. What old Bible records, letters, etc. do you have or know of the location? Include name and address of others who might have information and records.

Send as many forms as necessary.

Paul B. Fancher
1479 Ashwoody Court
Atlanta, GA 30319

Nov 17, 1996

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