David Fancher (Son of John)

David Fancher was born in Stamford, Connecticut, February 11, 1747 and died , supposedly of small pox in Harrison's Precinct, New York, before May 7, 1784. David Fancher married in Stamford, January 1, 1769 to Martha Bellamy of Stamford, probably daughter of John and Martha Bellamy. She later married a Smith. Children, one by first wife, all born Poundridge, New York:

1. David, died unmarried in northwestern New York state near the Black River; blind during last of life.

2. Mary, married Clark Newman; lived in west Fort Ann, Washington County, New York.

3. Eunice, married Mr. Draper; lived near Adams, New York.

4. Elizabeth (Pattie), married Thomas Hopkins; lived in West Fort Ann, New York.

5. Isaac, born November 25, 1775; married Freelove Washburn and next Deborah Washburn.

(One daugher married Joseph Warren and another married William Gleason.)

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