Nathaniel Fancher (Son of John)

Nathaniel Fancher, born May 30, 1742, Stamford, Connecticut, and was probably living with his son Nathaniel N. as late as 1820 in Greenville, New York. He married first in Poundridge about 1763 to Amy Van Fleet, born August 1, 1744 and died in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, March 31, 1832, daughter of Abraham Van Fleet and Sarah Brown. He married next to Dorithy _____, who was baptized as an adult and his wife, May 11,1766 in the South Salem Presbyterian Church, a month before her twin daughters were born. She was living in Greenville in 1800. Children, one by first wife, all born Poundridge, New York:

1. William, born July 6, 1764; married Lucy Stark.

2. Molly(Twin) baptized in South Salem, June 11, 1766; married July 1786 to Mr. Griffith of Norwalk, Connecticut.

3. Mercy, (Twin) baptized, in South Salem, June 11, 1776.

4. Andrew, born January 31, 1771; Lydia Stevens.

5. Nathaniel N., born March 28, 1781; married Margaret Secor.

6. Smith, born 1789 or 1790; married and one daughter by 1830 census.

7. John, born about 1778 (?); married Catherine Borardus.

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