Richard Fancher

Richard Fancher lived in Roxbury Township, Morris County, New Jersey where he died in 1764. When he made his will October 29, 1764, he was in ill health, and he died before November 12, 1764 when the will was probated in Morris County. His will names his wife as Martha. Children:

1. Captain Richard (twin), born August 17, 1731.

2. Martha (twin), born August 17, 1731; probably married John Bell, an appraiser of Richard Fancher's estate in 1778.

3. William (twin), baptized October 19, 1735 in Stamford Congregational Church; probably died before 1744.

4. Benjamin (twin), baptized October 19, 1735, Stamford Congregational Church.

5. Abigail, baptized February 20, 1736/7. Probably died young because she was not mentioned in her father's will.

6. David, born about 1738.

7. Amy, unmarried in October 1764.

8. William, born October 9, 1744, Morris County.

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