William Fancher (Son of Richard)

William Fancher was born October 9, 1744 in Morris County, New Jersey and died probably in Switzerland County, Indiana after June 7, 1832. He married Desiah _____. Children, from many assumptions and there may be others:

1. John, married September 10, 1799 in Bracken County, Kentucky to Catherine Watts. No other information        is known about this person unless he was the John Flonchard listed in the 1810 census of Bracken County.

2. Richard, born 1770-1780; correct names of wives are not known; moved to Clermont County, Ohio.

3. Anne, married February 5, 1801, Bracken County, Kentucky to John DeVoss. Assumed to be a daughter     because she married in Bracken County during the time William Fancher was there.

4. Daniel, born 1770-1780; married Elizabeth _____; lived Marion County, Virginia (West Virginia).

5. William, born 1796, Pennsylvania; married Elizabeth Rayls;

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