Ithiel Fancher (Son of William)

Ithiel Fancher was born in Northbury, now Plymouth, Connecticut, March 29, 1748 and died probably in Bristol, Connecticut about 1802-1810. He married, first in Northbury, November 24, 1774 to Mary Hull was born in 1755 and died in Northbury, November 22, 1793. He married next to the widow of William Gaylord (Bristol land records, volume 10, page 552), Marrara Spencer Gaylord, daughter of Joseph Spencer and Mary Jerome. He was alive in Watertown, Connecticut in 1790 and Plymouth in February 1798. Five children by first wife, born in Waterbury and three by second wife, born in Plymouth:

1. Joseph, was living in Plymouth October 21, 1807. Probably married Amy _____ and died before 1810.

2. Infant, died February 7, 1782.

3. Infant, born August 13, 1792 and died August 21, 1792.

4. Fanny, named in her Uncle John's will.

5. Sophia, named in her Uncle John's will (Waterbury records, volume 3, page 73, dated June 21, 1796).

6. Loraine (Lorin), born June 24, 1798.

7. Eli, born October 6, 1799 and died August 25, 1858 in Camden, Ouachita County, Arkansas. He was in Shelby County, Alabama 1838-1840, maybe longer, but moved to Arkansas about 1848 where he served as Treasurer of the Masonic Lodge.

6. Robert, born in 1801 and died in Barkhamstead, Connecticut, April 11, 1885; married in Barkhamstead, May 29, 1828 to Julia Burwell, born 1802 and died January 25, 1886. He was a shoemaker according to the census.

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