Lemuel Fancher (Son of William)

Lemuel Fancher, born in Branford, Connecticut in 1745 and died in Watertown, Connecticut, July 4, 1789, was the twin of Thomas Fancher. He married in Northbury (now Plymouth), Connecticut, June 1, 1779 to Sarah Loomis, who upon the death of Lemuel Fancher married in Northbury, November 21, 1791 to Aaron Luddington of Norfolk, Connecticut. Children in Plymouth or Watertown, Connecticut:

1. Flora, born circa 1780; died unmarried. Land records show she bought land in Norfolk, Connecticut in 1809 and 1823,      and sold some of it by 1826.

2. Eunice, born in 1783; died unmarried in Barkhampsted, Connecticut, August 4, 1804, aged 21.

3. Newman, born in 1784; married Parthenia Tinker.

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