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The Southern Carp Society
The Southern Carp Society

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Hi there ! Welcome to The Southern Carp Society.
In europe carp are held with the same esteem and respect as bass are here in the states.
While for some reason in the USA , especially the south they are overlooked and rarely fished for(bow fishing or dynamite is not fishing.) If you fish for or want to fish for carp then this is the site for you, feel free to e-mail me. I am also in the process (see under venues) of recording the various lakes and rivers of georgia which contain carp, if you have any information please let me know.
Check out the method section for information on bait and tackle ect..
We also have a pictures section for members to show off all the trophys (we abide by a strict catch and release policy on all fish.)
Thanks for visiting , happy fishing.

Andrew Featherstone.

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