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Shady Hollow Ferretry was established back in 1982. Since then, I have produced and maintained over 80 Best In Show winners! Shady Hollow is best known for my Black Sables. Most of Shady Hollow's Best In Show winners have come from the Black Jack line and have been winning awards since 1989.

I am Shady Hollow's proprietor, my name is Sally Heber. I work with the American Ferret Association (AFA), I am an AFA Senior licensed Judge. As a reputable ferret breeder, Shady Hollow's goal is to continue to learn about the ferret and to apply that knowledge to breed for the best health, temperament, longevity, intelligence and conformation. I have visited England and hand selected breeder ferrets to incorporate them in to the Shady Hollow genetic lines. The intent is to bring in a diversity of genetics that display the traits that are consistent with the breeding goals that I set for Shady Hollow. The English ferrets are very lively and they happily pass this along to their kits. The American lines are very selectively bred, showing distinctive features such as the large eyes, the full, broad, deep head conformation along with a very sturdy bone frame.

My ferrets come with extensive lineage information.

SH's FireWorks (Batman) is one of the kits from my year 2000 breedings that I kept. He shows the head and body structure described above. He took Best in Show Adolescent at his very first show in Columbus, OH in August and Best in Show Breeder at the Harvest Ferret Expo 2001 in Gettysburg, PA. His sister has won a Best in Show and his brother has won 2 Best in Show awards. This photograph was taken and produced by Photos with Flair in Grand Rapids, MI. Their email address is photoswithflair@yahoo.com.
Here is a picture of Batman's grandson Batty.
He is a muscular, short bodied structure with impressive athleticism.
His muzzle is wide and full, his head depth is great and he has amazing jowls which is proper for a hob. He is sweet as well as bright.
Here is Batman's grandfather - Reo Grande

I continually do ADV (Aleutians Disease Virus) testing on my ferrets to remain an ADV negative facility. If you are not familiar with Aleutians Disease Virus in ferrets, you need to be. Please visit the American Ferret Association, Inc. website for more information.

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Shady Hollow Ferretry is located in Frederick, Maryland.

I DO NOT ship my ferrets anywhere.

Here is a schedule of shows I will be attending for the 2017 show season:

 March 25 - AFA's Spring Nationals Competition, Middletown, MD
 October 28 - Dooktoberfest, Lovettsville, VA
 December 2 - AFA's Winter Nationals Competition, Middletown, MD