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Freckleborn May 2013, Freckle is cute, playful and lots of fun. pics adopted
Batmanborn 2012, Bat is a sable neutered hob. He is playful, social and happy. He is littermate to the 2012 Adolescent Ferret of the Year and the runner-up. pics adopted

We are not planning any litters for 2014.

2013 Pairings

Kool Jazz and Bulldozerdue April 24thbabies! see below
Amber and HTF's Top Shelf of GFX (Richter)due May 10thbabies! see below

2013 Litters

adoption fees are a pet price.

delivered April 23
Dam: SH's Kool Jazz (black roan mitt)
Sire: SH's Bulldozer (sable)
entire litter: 3 jills; 1 hob
adoption fee: $350 pet price

Jazz is the daughter of Shakti and JBF's Kamikazee Kool. She is average size jill with a loving and gentle character. She has a beautiful head structure and lovely features. She is a Mama's girl. Bulldozer is a short-bodied, very muscular hob. He is a silly, chatty boy, always on the go. He won the AFA's 2012 Breeder Ferret of the Year award and has been placing very high in the shows.

See some pictures of the babies:
kits at 6 days old
kits at 1 wk 6 days old
kits at 2 wks 6 days old
kits at 3 wks 6 days old
kits at 5 wks old

delivered May 9
Dam: SH's Amber (sable)
Sire: HTF's Top Shelf of GFX (Richter) (black roan mitt)
entire litter: 6 jills; 2 hobs
adoption fee: $350 pet price

Amber is the daughter of Pewter & Pearls and Renegade - two very social and loving ferrets. Amber is an average size jill with solid bone and muscle structure. Richter is a standard size hob with a full muzzle, big eyes and a nicely structured head. I anticipate different shades of sable, dark sable and black roan mitts in this litter. Their personalities should be happy, social and sweet.

See some pictures of the babies:
kits at 4 days old
kits at 1 wk 4 days old
kits at 2 wks 5 days old
kits at 4 wks 4 days old
kits at 5 wks 4 days old - last pics

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