Everway FAQ - Fire Mages

According to the rules, an above-average fire mage has to be a good athlete. Why can't there be fire mages who are average (or below) physically?
To understand the answer to this question, you need to understand the two things that can be meant by "fire mage."

First, there are mages who deal with fire as their medium. They throw spears of fire, summon fire elementals, make fires dance--that sort of thing.

Second, there are mages who (in terms of EVERWAY mechanics) use magic that is tied to the Fire element. Their magic draws on the self's internal energy to work its wonders.

The first type of mage can have magic tied to any element (most likely Air or Fire), so such a mage does not need to be an athlete. The second type of mage can work any of several different sorts of magic, but they're all tied to internal energy. If the mage is going to be above average, then the mage's internal energy will have to be above average (making that mage a good athlete).

The typical image of the "wizard" (older, frailer, smarter) fits (in EVERWAY terms) an Air wizard. No matter the medium (fire, the dead, nature, etc.), this wizard works magic through mental manipulation: thought, gesture, and, most importantly, word. (For Ars Magica fans, it may be worthwhile to note that all Hermetic magic is tied to Air, even that of the Flambeaus.)

Those EVERWAY mages who work magic tied to elements other than Air are not "wizards" in the classical Western tradition. They are shamans, spirit doctors, healers, or whatever.

No, an above average "fire wizard" doesn't have to be an above average athlete. Yes, an above average mage whose magical power arises from her internal, fiery energy does have to have enough internal, fiery energy to be also an above average athlete.

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