Kirielle of the Eagle Rock Tribe


Booster Pack #28:

This image shows Kirrielle, her brother Letan, and her mother fleeing the city which she was born in during a war. Her father is Prefect of the South Ward. Her mother and father came from different spheres. Kirielle, Letan, and their mother fleed to mother's home realm, Eagle Rock. Kirielle was 6 at the time, her brother was 7.

Booster Pack #36:

This image shows a ship that the family travelled on in their journey to Eagle Rock. A great storm blew up, and Letan was washed from the ship and lost.

Other Worlds: Michael Whelan II Card 61 (The Stone of Farewell - sec. A):

This card came from a Michael Whelan card set. The artwork is the back cover of Tad Williams' "Stone of Farewell" and shows a tall rock jutting from a lake. Birch trees in the forground frame the picture. The scene is winter. The rock is Eagle Rock, home Kirielle's mother's people. Kirielle's mother died when she was 11.

Booster Pack #2:

This image shows Kirielle. The cat is her special companion. Many people of the tribe have special companion animals, though not all are cats. The wand allows Kirielle to speack with animals. The feather headdress is used in a ritual to see visions. The cat is Snow Paws and is male. In Kirielle's language, there are MANY words for snow, I haven't decided exactly what type of snow Snow Paws is named for. Note Snow Paws' large feet.

Booster Pack #32:

This card shows Kirielle's father and the city. Note the cat accomanying her father. Though he does not have quite the same companions as people of the Eagle Rock tribe, he still has a special affinity for cats. This is what attracted Kirielle's mother to her father. An additional significance of this card is that her father is still alive, and the city survives.

Standard Pack V/37:

This card shows Letan. As Kirielle has not yet found her brother again, the significance of this card is not yet known. Note the strong cat motifs though.

Game Statistics:

Motive: Mystery

Kirielle is searching for her father and brother. She is also just plain interested in just plain understanding the universe.

Virtue: Priestess (normal)

Understanding Mysteries: Kirielle is quite in touch with the spiritual.

Fault: The Satyr (normal)

Indulgence: Kirielle indulges herself. Note the decoration of her clothing, and WOW that headdress! Note also that Kirielle's powers require the use of objects.

Fate: The Unicorn

Purity/Temptation: Will Kirielle be overwhelmed by her fault, or will she over come it? Who knows what else her fate might have in store for her (thats what the game is all about after all).


Speak With Animals (0):

The need of the wand, Kirielle's Water score, and her Virtue combined to allow this to be cost 0.

Snow Paws (3):

Snow Paws is of child intelligence, and can talk to Kirielle. Snow Paws is 3-Fire, 3-Earth, 2-Air, 5-Water. Snow Paws is better than a Cat Familiar, though not as good in combat as a Wolf Companion.

Visionary Ritual (2):

This is straight from the book. Kirielle's headdress is important in these rituals.

Elemental Scores:

Water: 7 (Swimming):

Kirielle is VERY water aspected (note her powers and virtue). Note also the boat voyage and the lake around Eagle Rock.

Air: 3 (Story Telling):

A bit of indulgence here...

Fire 2 (Dancing and Partying):

Here's some more indulgence!

Earth 3 (Tireless Stride):

Kirielle travels quite a bit.

Additional Thoughts:

I was amazed how well Kirielle evolved. Everything just fits so nicely. I did not envision her as really being a magician, though she did have some ability to do magical things with her wand and headdress. For a while, I tried to give her magic. In the end, she works out quite well with a few powers and a high water score. There are several campaign hooks possible with her.

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