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Here is a short list of inspirational reading.

More Inspirational Blog Posts

Here is a list of other inspirational blog posts (all of the various blogs mentioned here have more Traveller material, exploring it will give you some good reading):

Victor Raymond's "The Sandbox of Doom" with his Traveller Tuesday series

Omer G. Joel's Space Cockroach

Christopher Kubasik's Tales to Astound

Christopher Kubasik has a blog where he spends a lot of time writing about Classic Traveller. One day, perhaps he will collect it all and write a book. In the meantime, this collection is one of the best guides to the play style I aim for with Traveller.

Robert Weaver's Ancient Faith in the Far Future

Philosophy and Procedure of Play


Procedures for Play



General Encounter Ideas

Animal Encounters

Motivated Villains

Adventure Hooks

Setting Ideas

The following sections are Robert's take on setting

World and Setting

Social Status and Nobility

Expanding The Travellers Aid Society




Other Setting Bits

Practical Stuff for Play (Gear and more)




Patrons, Adventures, and Casual Encounters

76 Patrons Adventures

Amber Zones

Casual Encounters

JTAS Amber Zone Reviews

The Holtzmann's Corridor setting

Actual Play Reports

Product Reviews

Miscellaneous Posts

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