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The Classic Traveller Character Generator is a Java Script program originally written by Paul Gorman. I have been contributing to it, and this web site links to and hosts my latest version. There are source code links below.

This following link will roll a character up for you, you can hit refresh a few times looking for one you like. Cut and paste and e-mail or otherwise post to me. This version has the latest fixes and enhancements I've been working on plus some options chosen to make things easier for my game.

The options are documented in the sections below:



Specify a preferred service instead of random.


Specify the minimum score for the preferred service (applies to the random service if a preferred service is not specified). The score is normally the enlistment bonus the character has for a particular service.

The selection algorithm normally takes the preferred service (random or using the service option above) and starts with the enlistment bonus for that service. It then checks each service in order, if the examined service has a higher enlistment bonus that the currently selected service, it switches. If they are the same, there is a 2D roll, 8+ switches.


This option allows guiding the mustering out process. The default process is to make up to three cash rolls before rolling on the material benefits table.


This option allows specifying the maximum number of cash rolls to make. It may be set anywhere from 0 to 3 or even higher (setting it higher is considerd "cheating").


This option is a real timesaver. It lets the system re-roll characters until it finds one that meets the specfied criteria.


When used with hunt=>skill, specifies the minimum level of skill sought.


This option allows customization of the skill tables to meet specific versions of Classic Traveller. The changes all surround the vehicle skill. The default is The Traveller Book.


This option controls when the Personal Development table is used. The default will not use the Personal Development table if Education is 8+.


This option allows leaving cascade skills for the player to determine after the fact. For benefits, it will distribute the benefit as a weapon and then add to the cascade skill. Verbose history can be used to unwind if the player wants to take multiple weapon benefits.


With this option, the generator will not accept a character that musters out with less than the specified number of terms. It also assures the character doesn't voluntarily muster out before that time. The default is 1, and if left at default, will still allow deceased characters.


With this option, the generator will limit the maximum number of terms for a character to the specified amount. Mandatory re-enlistment will not be checked for characters that hit the limit (this allows a GM to specify the maximum age of PCs or NPCs).


This option will limit the maximum number of attempts to find a requested character. The default is 10000 and bounds the time spent attempting to generate a requested character.

Source Code

The Classic Traveller Character Genertor project is hosted on github. The primary, original repo is:

While my repo is:

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