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My main display area is in my bedroom.

This first picture is looking from the bed. Notice that in an effort to gain space, the town has built up over the tracks. I would like this eventually to be a pure LEGO solution, but I don't have enough bricks yet. At least the columns supporting the shelf are made from LEGO bricks.

Right now it takes a few minutes of cleanup before trains can run. Several structures are sitting on the tracks!

You can see the shelf unit which stores some of my unopened sets.

This picture really highlights my pile of unopened sets. That tall stack on the left has several more boxes at the bottom which you can't see. At the time of this picture, there are about 10 large sets plus two boxes of smaller sets on my bed. Two the right, you can see just part of another huge column of unopened sets. This stack goes all the way to the floor!

In this picture, you can also see the beach area on the right which has expanded out on top of a small desk. There is a police station, hospital, McDonalds, pizza joint, Restaurant, a small beach, and several vehicles here. There is also a Shell Select shop which needs to find a better home.

In the front, you can see some of the display space devoted to adventurers and pirates.

My bed is nestled by the window to the right, behind the foreground stack of LEGO sets.

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