Colin and Wanda Visit Frank's LEGO® Collection

Colin and Wanda finally surfaced in Cary North Carolina. Actually, it's a pair of clones. When they arrived a couple months ago, I was just too busy to do much, so I quickly found all the parts to clone them and saved them aside. Tonight I decided to do a photo shoot.

Pictures HERE.

I had to build one of my 1775s so that I had a passenger plane for them to arrive on! They took a day at the beach, then visited an old English fort, and a couple pirate ships. Finally, they took a trip to space and flew at the head of a fleet of Spyrius ships, and got to play with the Blacktron Challenger and Invader. While tooling about in the Blacktron ships, a pair of Space Police cruisers tried to pull them over, but Wanda, flying the Invader, scored a direct hit on one of the police cruisers!

I wanted to do more combat shots, unfortunately, it looks like the batteries have gone dead in my slave flash controller so I'll need to get more batteries. By aiming it towards the camera, I got a pretty decent fireball effect, but I'd like to work on it more. As a 2nd picture, I tried to place some LEGO bricks around the police cruiser to look like blast wreckage, unfortunately, the slave flash wouldn't fire. The red cast to the picture is a result of putting a trans-red canopy in front of the slave flash.

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