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Belville is one of two doll oriented LEGO product lines. Belville scale is similar to the Technic figures, but uses more articulated and realistic looking dolls. Colors tend to be pale or pastel variants of system colors. The dolls still have somewhat of a LEGO feel. The hands hold rod pieces just like minifigs. There are children and a baby (the baby is a single piece). The belville children are about the right size to pilot the UCS X-Wing.

Structures are build from some large parts (large lattice parts in the earlier sets and a semi-circular tower in the newer sets). Only one set uses a baseplate, all others use either the 8x8 base bricks, or 24x24 base bricks with quarter circle cut out of one corner, and the matching 12x12 quarter circle piece. These pieces used to be limited to Belville until a green 24x24 base brick was used in 5987 Dino Research Compound.

Furniture tends to be built of bricks, or use the 2x4x4 and 4x4x4 cabinets from the early homemaker sets.


This section just documents some of the pieces which are somewhat unique to Belville.




Scala is the other doll oriented LEGO product line. Scala dolls are more comparable to Barbie in size and detail. The hands still hold rods like minifigs (this is one nice feature of all the non-DUPLO LEGO scales, every one of them which have hands is capable of holding rod items (though the big bendyarm folks don't have an open clip, so the set of items they can hold is limited). There are children and also a baby. The baby is a single piece.

Only a few sets use baseplates. The other structural sets use a Scala unique system which uses 22x44 and 44x44 floor parts (which are about 2 bricks thick), tall frames which support upper floors, walls which fit between the columns in the frames, and shorter columns (6 bricks high) and wall pieces. The walls have vertical tracks which several shelves, picture frames, and other bits can be attached to.

There is also a special Scala "stud" which is flower shaped. The stud pitch is twice that of a normal system stud, but the shape allows 2x by 2y bricks and plates to attach (the tube fits into a slot in the center of the stud). 1x1 round bricks and plates (and a few other parts) can also fit in the center of the stud, or between two studs.


Furniture uses a variety of pieces. There are 3x6x6 and 6x6x6 cabinets, chairs, high chairs, a 3 sided box piece (which is used for easy chairs, cribs, dog beds, and more), and a few other bits.

IN the 2000 sets, new thin foam pieces were introduced. These pieces are used as shrubery (with a special slotted brick to hold them vertically), pine tree leaves (layered effect using 1x1 cylinders as trunks and a new part which fits into holes in the foam), and various things like hambuger patties and cheese. See the review of 3159 below for more discussion of these new parts.


This section just documents some of the pieces which are somewhat unique to Scala.



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