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Water Tower

Here is the water tower I built using the curved wall using the technique Erik Brok shows here. Go to "Buildings" and then "Curved Walls".

Notice all the roof detail, including a lamp to alert aircraft. My city obviously has a bustling communications industry. Notice the cell phone company man up on the tower, obviously he was just servicing the cell.

I need to work out a good safety cage for the ladder to satisfy OSHA. Also, the instalation either needs a perimeter fence, or some kind of gate preventing people from climbing the tower. I should also play with modifying the walls to try and put a class year on the side.

These two photos also show some camera techniques. The 2nd picture was taken using a slave flash unit placed out of the view to the left. Notice that not only are there fewer shadows, but there also isn't as much glare. A 3rd flash on the right, or possibly slightly more carefull arangement of the 2nd flash would eliminate even more shadows.

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