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    Forsyth County 1849-1999, by Cindy H. Casey, Forsyth County Genealogical Society; Arcadia Publishing, 2003
    ISBN 0738515477, 9780738515472; 128 pages

    Fries, Adelaide L., 1871-1949 (1898). Forsyth County. Stewarts' Print House.

    Fries, Adelaide L., and others (1949). Forsyth. A County on the March. University of North Carolina Press

    Ramsey, Robert W. (1964). Carolina Cradle. Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier, 1747-1762.
    University of North Carolina Press, available in paperback as ISBN 0-8078-4189-7.
    This excellent book deals with the early settlement of the old Rowan County area, including what later became Forsyth County.

    Tursi, Frank V. (1994). Winston-Salem. A History. John F. Blair, Publishers. web link



    The Forsyth County Genealogical Society has a long list of publications, including the following, as well as back issues of their newsletter. Please visit their site for full information on ordering these materials. Among their offerings are the following:

    Forsyth County, N.C. Marriage Bonds and Co-Habitation Records, 1849-1868

    1850 Census, Forsyth County

    1860 Census, Forsyth County

    1870 Census, Forsyth County

    1880 Census, Forsyth County

    Census transcriptions are also available for Stokes County 1790-1850 and for Davie County 1850

    Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, North Carolina) 1851-1892, An Indexed Abstract

    Forsyth County, NC Wills 1849-1917, An Indexed Abstract



    Clewell, John Henry (1902). History of Wachovia in North Carolina : the Unitas Fratrum or Moravian Church in North Carolina during a century and a half . Publ., The Heritage Bookes, 1991, c1902

    Fries, Adelaide L., and others, editors; (1922-2006 publications, depending on the volume). Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 13 volumes. Published by the North Carolina Historical Commission
    This is an invaluable resource for persons researching the Moravian families of Forsyth county, and their culture. Unfortunately, most of the volumes are out of print, but they are available in many libraries and also appear occasionally in used book sales.

    Fries, Adelaide, L. (1944). The Road to Salem
    Based on the diary of Anna Catharina Antes (1728-1816), a woman who came from Pennsylvania to Salem. This is an excellent and very readable introduction to Moravian life and customs.

    Griffin, Frances, series editor. Three Forks of Muddy Creek. Published by Old Salem, Inc.

    Hartley, Michael (1987). Wachovia in Forsyth Publ. Old Salem, Inc.

    Kirkland, Winifred. The Easter People. A Pen-Picture of the Moravian Celebration of the Resurrection

    Kirkland, Winifred. Where the Star Still Shines. Yule-Tide in Old Salem

    Weinlick, John R. (1956). Count Zinzendorf. Abingdon Press, New York and Nashville


    Ware, Charles Crossfield (1965). Star in Wachovia. Centennial History of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Pfafftown N.C.



    Fries, Adelaide L. (1941). Graveyard register of Friedland Moravian Church, Forsyth County, N.C

    Moran, Faye Jarvis (1999). Bastardy Bonds, Forsyth County, North Carolina
    Contact Faye at for orders.

    S-K Publications (1990), John F. Schunk, editor. 1850 U.S. Census, Forsyth County North Carolina
    This is a photocopy of the original handwritten census, in book form. See the S-K Publications page for ordering information.

    Stanley, Donald W. (1976-1978), Forsyth County, N.C., Cemetery Records.

    The Stokes, Surry, and Yadkin County Heritage volumes also contain a great deal of information on Forsyth County families. These are available in many libraries.



Some of these are for sale privately, others are out of print but sometimes appear in used book stores or on-line. Also look for them in genealogical collections in public and university libraries and in the LDS library in Salt Lake City.

    Foltz, Henry Wesley (1924). Descendants of Adam Spach. Wachovia Historical Society, Winston-Salem NC
    A newer edition of this book is also available.

    Fries, Francis Henry, 1855-1931. History of the Fries Family, A.D. 810-1930

    Frost, Earle W., A Genealogical Brochure of the Long and Doub Families of North Carolina and their Midwestern Descendants. Available as LDS microfilm 0928084/6

    Harmon, Gray Smith (1998). Peddicord Junction. Family History Publishers, Bountiful UT

    Hauser, Kenneth John, Jr. (1977) Alsatian-American Family Hauser. Hunter Publishing Co., Winston-Salem NC

    Jurney, James A. (1987, revised 1992). Ancestry of Alice Estelle and Effie Catherine Butner and Related Families, privately printed.

    Jurney, James A. (1992). Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Peter Frey, privately printed.

    Jurney, James A. (1990). Die Ahnen von Johann Balthasar Hege und Verwandten zu Hausen an der Zaber,, privately printed
    Despite the title, this history of the HEGE family is in English.

    Körner, Jules Gilmer, Jr. (1958). Joseph of Kernersville. Being the Stories of the Families Körner-Kerner . Kastner . Spach . Gardner . Pie and Wiesner and their Descendants in the Town of Kernersville, North Carolina. Durham, NC, Seeman Printery, Inc.

    Linn, Jo White (1980). People Named Hanes

    Mickey, Mary F. Mickey/Micke Descendants of Johann Michael Mücke (1708-1786) and Eva Catharina Metzger (1721-1755)

    Sheek, Ann Ellis (1982). Descendants of Stephen and Elizabeth Douthit Riddle of Rowan Co. NC, LDS 6019018

    Sides, Roxie (1963). Early American Families. Sides, Rominger, Rothrock, Spach, Longworth, Shoaf, Nading, Foltz, Vogler.

    Zimmerman, E.R.S., and B.D. Zimmerman (2000) Professional Ledgers of John Edward Bell Shutt, Woodcraftsman and Undertaker, Shady Grove Township, Advance NC, ISBN 0-9679015-0-2; For more information see the Davie County resources page
    Although Shutt's business was located in Davie County, this book contains genealogical and historical information on Forsyth County families too

    If you have suggestions of other books, please e-mail me



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