Davis Military School, 1891-1892

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Winston, NC

From The Union Republican- year 1891

Feb. 5, 1891

A Birds Eye View of Winston-Salem---On Monday Mr. J.J. Stoner, the canvassing agent, called on us and exhibited the pen and ink drawing of the Twin City, Winston-Salem by Prof. A. Ruger. We examined it carefully and find it is a wonderful piece of work.

It is taken from a position near the Davis School, showing that institution, the West End improvements, Hotel Zinzendorf and that portion of the city in the foreground, extending North, East and South showing every Street and house in miniature so plain that every one can pick out his own house. It is not taken from an elevated point but by walking to every house and drawing the shape of them and then placed on a sheet and looking at it as if we were looking from a balloon.

March 5, 1891

Over Two Hundred Cadets--The Twin City has reason to feel proud of their educational institutions. There is the Salem Academy, our two white Graded Schools, the Salem Boys School, Salem Public School, besides a number of private institutions, while the colored people have their Graded School and the Public School beyond the Salem bridge. All are flourishing institutions and that our people duly appreciate the advantages afforded, is but a way of expressing it.

Friday night the musical concert at Salem Academy was repeated for the cadets of the Davis Military School and of this institution we wish to speak. Not at length but in a general way. The School has not completed one year of existence here, and already the fall list numbers over two hundred, a larger attendance than even many of our citizens imagined, who have not yet visited the school, and what the end will be, is not yet possible to fully realize, something probably beyond our most sanguine expectations. The Messrs. Davis and faculty are all young men, fully alive and experienced in the work they have so successfully inaugurated, in our midst. As the boys moved down Main St. last Friday evening, with martial tread, they presented a very pretty sight, under the brilliant rays of the electric light. At the close of the exercises at the Academy the cadets formed in front of the building and were preparing to give an exhibit of military tactics when the electric lamps were turned off, just as the Cadet Band, directed by Prof. Portis began to a spirited selection. This curtailed exercises, but the Bank moved to a lamp at the portico, finished their strain, and the b'boys then falling into line, to the air of “The Girl I Left Behind,” and the merry “good-night” of the Academy ladies, made quick step time for their quarters in the north western part of this city.

May 7, 1891

The Cadets Observe May-Day-- The Davis School Cadets gave our towns a pleasant surprise Friday evening. May-Day, by a dress parade at the Court House Square, and also at Salem Square. There were over 200 cadets in rank, and with their neat uniforms, well kept guns, and their excellent little Brass Band at the front, they made an attractive appearance and a very creditable display of a thorough knowledge of military tactics. This school, as well as the Salem Female Academy, and the Graded School, is a credit and pride to our citizens.

May 14, 1891

Bird's Eye View --Mr. J. Stoner's Bird's Eye View of Winston-Salem, the Southern Development Co's Grounds. Davis School &c., has been photographed and a copy shown us. It is an accurate as well as a beautiful piece of work and the work of delivering the same will begin today. Several thousand copies have been purchased and as an ornament, for usefulness and general interest this picture of our Twin City, with every Church, dwelling, store and factory given will be sure to prove acceptable. As an advertising medium it is certainly to see and believe what Winston Salem in reality are.

Athletic--Last Friday and Saturday afternoons, the athletic games at the Davis School proved occasions of much enjoyment and were largely attended. There were foot races, high jumps, mile runs, sack races, throwing a 16 pound hammer, shoe race, and hurdle races. Music was furnished by the Davis Cadet Band. The variety was pleasing and the contests spirited. Prof. W. A. BLAIR presented the medals.

Davis Military, this city, closes May 26th and 27th. Hon. F.M. Simmons delivers the literary address Wednesday, 4:30 pm after which a drill and dress parade of the Cadet Battalion will take place. Thursday afternoon Washington and Jefferson Literary Societies through chosen representatives will orate and debate. Music by Cadet Band and Orchestra.

May 21, 1891

Death at Davis School--NATHANIAL JOHNSON of Concord, and in attendance at the Davis School, died last Thursday. The remains were carried home for interment.

May 28, 1891

Davis School-- As we go to press the closing exercises of this flourishing school are in progress. Although but the first session of the school since its removal here, the roll-list foots nearly 300 and not only Winston-Salem, but the State and South are represented, which is alone sufficient testimonial of the interest and confidence Davis School has gained and achieved as an excellent educational institution for young men. Yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, the annual address before the Literary Societies was to have been delivered by the Hon. F.M. Simmons, of this city, but owing to the inclement weather was postponed to a date yet to be announced. This afternoon, May 28th, 3 o'clock, joint celebration of the Washington and Jefferson Literary Societies. Music is furnished by Davis Cadet Cornet Band and Davis Cadet Orchestra.

July 2, 1891

The first session of Davis School closed Tuesday, the same being prolonged in order to fill out the time occupied in removing the School from LaGrange to this city. Prof. Davis, the faculty and our towns have every reason to feel gratified at the flattering success, both in attendance and interest, that has been attained this session. The re-capitulation will reach upwards of 250 cadets and the prospects for the future are excellent, even beyond expectations.

Sept. 17, 1891

Davis Military School opened in this city last Friday with 175 cadets. It is very probable that the number will well nigh be doubled during the next few weeks. Additions are constantly arriving.


April 28, 1892-

Among the Davis Cadets-- A very interesting feature at the Davis School, this city, prior to Commencement, is the Athletic sports for which due preparation is being made for the occasion this year. May 5th and 6th. It is also a pleasure to state in connection with the School, that the session this year has been a most prosperous one. The attendance is near 300, the general health of the cadets excellent, and the progress intellectually highly satisfactory. The commencement proper is June 8th and 9th and the Literary Address before the Washington and Jefferson Societies will be delivered by Hon. B. A. Doughton, Speaker of the N.C. House of Representatives. For the Athletic Sports, May 5th and 6th, the following officers have been chosen:

President- J. B. McFarland, Miss.; Vice President- R. F. Fowler, N.C.; Secretary- J. A. Dull, N.C ; Executive Committee- T. M. Ridgway, Texas; J. W. Thomas, N.C.; J. C. Davis, N. C.; Judges - O.L. Wells, KY.; G. B. Reeves, S.C. ; J.E. Fulgram, VA.; Time Keepers- C.(?) O. Mew, S.C.; A. B. Bynum, N. C.; Marshals, Chief, J.M. Morris, N.C.; E. T. Sharpe, Conn.; J. Bordley, Md; F. Page, N.C.; E. G. Meares, N.C.; J. E. Swann, Tenn.; H. L. Behee, Fla.; J. W. Williamson, N. C.; F. L. Reid, N. C.; O. U. Klatte, S. C.; S.________; K. M. Allen, N. C., M. G. _______; J. P. Parker,S. C., B. T. Kellett, Tex.; H. A. Bynum, N. C.;G. R. Lybrook, N. C., _______;A. H. McLeod, N. C.; J. H. Salisbury, N. C.; O. M. Pegrum, __C.

May 12, 1892

Davis School Athletic Games-- Considering the lack of shade and oppressive heat, the attendance at the Davis School Athletic Games last Thursday and Friday was gratifyingly large. The exercises were both interesting and exciting, with the exception possibly of some of the longer runs, the heat and exhaustion of the participants eliciting more sympathy than interest. Excellent music was furnished by the Cadet Band and the Medals awarded in an appropriate address by A. H. Elder (?) Esq., of this city.

The successful contestants for the several Medals and honors are as follows:

Thursday - First Day--100 Yard dash- Cadet McLeod; time 10 1/2 sec.; 1 Mile Walking Race - Cadet J. K. Shepher; time 9 m 35 sec.; Three Legged Race- Davis and Gallop 100 yards in 13 sec; Comic Egg Race - Lieut Dull, 55 sec; 1 Mile Run- Norris and Horte, a tie- time 5 m 45 sec; Pole Vaulting- Lieut Dull, distance 9 feet; Potato Race- Cadet Moorman- time 2 minutes, 4 1/2 sec; Running Broad Jump- Cadet McLeod, distance 44 1/2 feet.

Friday- Second Day--440 Yards Dash- C. W. Moorman- time 60 3/4 sec; 1 Mile Run, small boys - T. Perrett, 6 m 5 1/2 sec; High Jump Running - J.B. McFarland height 5 feet; 1 Mile Run - Cadet Norte- 5 m 30 sec- tie of yesterday decided; 3 Mile Run - A. McCormick time 26 m 41 sec; Throwing 16 lb hammer - M. P. Gallop distance 65 feet 7 inches;; Sack Race - W.E. Butler 27 sec; 140 Yard Hurdle Race - Lt. J. A. Dull 17 1/2 sec; Shoe Race - Branmaller 150 yards 1 m 13 sec; Tug of War - Company B.

Tug of War closed the games and was the most exciting contest of both occasions. It consisted of a number of cadets from the two companies of cadets sitting in shallow pits, opposite each other in a long line, and a large rope upon which each side tugged until pulled by main strength and awkwardness across the dividing line, which decided the contest. Company B won the victory and the applause was vociferous.

June 9, 1892

Davis School Close-- This week notes the close of a very prosperous session of Davis School, this city. The exercises embraced a Batallion Drill, Dress Parade, Sham Battle, Address by Hon. R. A. Doughten, speeches by the members of Washington and Jefferson Kiterary Societies &c. The audience represented a number of States. Special trains were run daily to and from the city.

First Lt. W. E. Shipp, 10th Cavalry, U.S.A., as detailed by the Secretary of War, for North Carolina, will be in the city this week to instruct our Riflemen in the new drill regulations and small arm practice.