Genealogy Resources for Forsyth County NC

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These pages are a compilation of useful and interesting links that I collected when I was the county coordinator for the Forsyth County NCGenWeb site.

I was one of the early volunteers for the NCGenWeb project, beginning about 1996, and served as state coordinator for that project in 1998-2000. The project for which I volunteered has been replaced by NCGenWeb, Inc., a non-membership corporation secretly created in 2007 by a single individual (see for details). I resigned on July 30, 2009, in protest over the removal of a fellow county coordinator by a non-elected "board" that had not been granted any authority by the membership.

A new Forsyth County page is now up on the NCGenWeb Inc. site at Although I provided the former state coordinator, Diane Siniard, with copies of the pages I created as Forsyth County coordinator from 1998-2009, she chose to build an entirely new site instead. She has since left the NCGenWeb project and her interim pages have been removed. A new Forsyth Co. site is under construction. The new county coordinator is Patsy Dwiggins.




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