Metroid Redux

Metroid Redux has been cancelled indefinitely. If a significant amount of people show a significant amount of interest and are willing to put forth a significant amount of work for the project, then so will I. However, for the time being, Metroid Redux is declared dead. If you are interested in reviving this project, contact me, DFPercush (that's my AOL Instant Messenger name as well), at

Metroid Redux is, or was, a 2-d sidescroller game built from the ground up for PC's running Windows that closely follows the original game, Nintendo's " Metroid ". Although, as mentioned above, the engine can be used for just about any 2-d game at this point. For engine specifics contact me. Some of the original artwork is still in this version, as we did not finish touching up or creating all the tiles we wanted to.

If you would like to see a demo, download it here.
I had planned on doing a lot more with this engine, but at least you can see what it looks like now.
Controls (they're weird, just a personal preference of mine):
A, S, D, W - Directions
K - Run
J - Jump
H - Fire (it's... shall we say... not the conventional beam :-)
Be aware that some debug code was left in, thus the yellow and red lines around all objects. That's collision detection code talking.

If you are a C/C++ programmer and are interested in bringing the project back to life (or starting another project), then you can have a look at one enemy's code to get a feel for how I designed things.

VB runtime DLL's you may need to run the level editor (distributed separately not on this page):

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