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Welcome to Geoffrey's library! 

All of my friends know that I was a fairly serious guy.   I read many  stories and poems over the years. My favorites are listed below alphabetically. If you are a "free spirit" like my sister, Gretchen, and you don't enjoy the serious stuff - visit Gretchen's Library for some good laughs! Thanks for stopping by & don't forget to grab a box of Kleenex before you start browsing around my library.
A Dog's Life
A Dog's Soul
A Dog Sits Waiting
A Little Dog Angel
A Pet's Farewell
A Pet's Prayer
A Stray's Prayer
Alone Again
Dogs Don't Have Souls Do They?
Do I Go Home Today?
Don't Grieve Too Long
I Am Famous Now?
If You Can
If It Should Be
I Only Want To Be Loved
I Stood By Your Bed Last Night
May I Go Now?
More Than An Angel
Night Before Christmas
Old Dogs Do Not Die
Only A Dog
Paw Prints In The Sand
Rescue Angels
Ten Commandments For Responsible Ownership
Treasured Friend

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