I Only Want To Be Loved


I didn't mean to snap,
I didn't mean to bite.
The abuse was just too much to bear,
Through endless days and nights.


I don't know why they hit me,
I guess they didn't care.
Tied up and forgotten,
Some say it isn't fair.


I don't know what has happened,
I was sent away.
I only want to be loved,
I only want to play.
Ten days now I've been here,
in my tiny cage.
Not much room for a pup,
Barely months in age.


I wait to be adopted,
I know, I'm sure, I will
Who wouldn't want a homeless pup,
A house with love I'll fill.
Thirty days now I've been here,
My spirits are so grim.
A man chose my neighbor over me,
I would have gone with him.


Here comes the vet who works here,
To sadly lead me away.
To a big room she takes me,  Is this
now where I'll stay?


I only want to be loved,
I only want to play.
Will someone take me away from here?
May I go home today?


Now to sleep my little one,
With love I'll guide your way.  No more
pain you're safe with me, You came
home today.

~ Darryl A. Dorish ~

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Paw Prints In The Sand


One night I had a wondrous dream,
One set of footprints there were seen,
The footprints of my precious Lord,
While He carried me along the shore.
But then some stranger prints appeared,
So I asked, What were these prints for?
These prints are neither yours nor mine,
And Lord, they are in sets of four.
My child, He said in sober tones,
At one time you were so close to giving up,
That I called on a little dog to walk along.
And for a while this was just what you needed.
Your pup filled you time with love and blessings,
He kept you so busy there was no time for fussing.
But then one day I had to call him home,
And you were heartbroken and all alone,
But the time you had together was never forgotten,
And even though it hurt to lose your little dog,
I knew you'd be better, for the love you had known.
~ Author Unknown ~



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