A Dog's Life

He longs to be cuddled and scratched on the chin,
When it rains outside he just wants to come in.
He's been chained to this tree since he was a pup,
The only words he hears is usually shut up.
If it wasn't for food he wouldn't see them at all,
He wishes just once, he could go chase a ball.
He sees people walk by, just about every day,
If only for once, they'd stop by to play.
It's a lonely life from morning to night,
"Don't go near the dog, we don't know if he'll bite."
He barks for attention, but it doesn't work,
They just look and holler, "shut up you jerk".
His life's just a blank, with no time or season,
To keep a dog like this, there's just no reason.
They say 'man's best friend', and to most they are,
But this dog would be happy to be left in a car.
At least for a while he'd be off his chain,
It's a wonder some dogs don't go insane.
It's hard to believe they could be so cruel,
To treat a dog like this, they must be a fool.
A dog has a heart and needs some T.L.C.,
Not just food and water while tied to a tree.
With so much to give, for so little in return,
It's the dog's respect man should have to earn.
And for every dog that finds a new home,
I wish I could send with them this poem.
So their masters can read it and after they're through,
They'll realize that dogs have a heart too.
~ Author Unknown ~


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A Pet's Farewell

Weep not for me, my trusted friend, for I leave you with the joy of our time together tucked deep in my heart.
I carry your warm smile that greeted me every day, that you tried to hide when I ran through the house with my toys, or hid your gloves under the sofa. The smile that came across your face when you first saw me and picked me up. That smile will never fade.
I carry your laughter when I did something silly; when we raced across the fields playing in the high grass, the sunshine warming our faces; when I scooted across the floor chasing my ball.
I carry your tears when you were sad and I curled on your lap in comfort; when I licked those tears from your face to help you heal. I carry your joy when we played with my toys, when I sat and came and rolled over for the first time. The joy when you tapped your chest and I jumped in your arms. The joy I saw on your face every night when you came home.
I carry the love in your heart when I grew stiff and old, when my eyesight failed and you helped me find my way. The love that carried me gently to your bed to lay by your side throughout the night. The love that kept me safe and warm on cold winter nights. The love that nursed me when I was sick.
I carry the look in your eyes that touched my soul with tenderness. I carry the warmth in your heart, for I know you gave yours to me, as I did mine to you. I understand.

~ Author Unknown ~


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