Miniature Pool Tables - Dollhouse scale versions and desktop gift versions.

Billiard Player Gifts.

The miniature pool tables serve as dollhouse collectibles, gifts to billiard players and corporate gifts.

The Victorian Classic pool table.

This table fits in the palm of your hand.
(6" long x 3.5" wide x 2.5" high)
Play a game on it! Working ball return: a ball sunk into a pocket rolls into a removable drawer under the table.
Includes numbered and striped balls, 2 sticks and a triangle.
For the collector of 1" to 1' scale miniatures or pool player.


New Oct. 22, 2016 - 6" Vintage Miniature Pool Table

New Oct. 22, 2016 - 6" The 1970s  Miniature Pool Table
(Simulated mahogany.)

The Pool Tables seen below may be available in the future.

The Antique Marble pool tables.

The Antique Marble is a hand-painted marble finish table decorated with gold-tinted leaf patterns (6" long).
Includes 2 sticks, triangle and numbered and striped balls.
1" to 1' scale
(4 versions/colors)

The 6" and 5" Modern Mahogany miniature pool tables.
- Not available at this time -

The Modern Mahogany tables have a mahogany finish (simulated). Available in 2 sizes. Includes 2 sticks, triangle and numbered and striped balls. 2 sizes available. 1" to 1' scale


6" Game Room Pool Table
Scale : 1" to 1'

- Not available at this time -

These inexpensive pool tables have a simulated mahogany finish. 1" to 1' scale


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