Barbell & Dumbbell Stand / Workout Station 1" to 1' scale

May be used with any weight set sold on this site. (The Brass Barbell & 2 Dumbbells and the Brass Dumbbell Set - heavy duty 4pc set. are combined in the photo above.)
The workout station holds 6 dumbbells and a barbell.
Built of metal and plastic. The base color is black. Measures about 4.5" x 1.25x 3.5" - Signed and dated,


The stand is sold without the weights.


The stand with the Miniature Heavy Duty Weight Set - Steel (1 barbell and 6 dumbbells)


An apple and the stand

Please note that the base is slightly different in the version being made now (not shown in the photos)..

Barbell & Dumbbell Stand / Workout Station

Uses: Special gift for that fitness / exercise / weightlifting fanatic. Dollhouse collectible.

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