Great Goals of Life Strategy

  1. The endowment of a long, comfortable, and totally worry-free retirement, with no compromise in lifestyle and income that is also increasing above the inflation rate (80%-90%of your pre retirement income) be able to retire with dignity and independence with a inflation adjusted income that you can't outlive!

Question: Do you have an investment strategy for tripling your income in retirement? -Because your cost of living will very well triple after you retire  (assuming a 3% inflation rate and a 20-30 year retirement)? How can I do this?

  1. If it is possible, would you consider living on your portfolio's income in retirement so that your capital (principal) could go to your children as legacies? How can I do this?

  2. Will you want to become financially involved in the education of your current or future grandchildren?

  3. Will you be expected to become financially responsible for your parents (fully or partially)?

  4. Is there a particular institution- a church, a school, a charity- that means a great deal to you, and to which you would like to leave a meaningful legacy? (How can I do that without affecting my family?)

We will establish that your two overriding Financial goals are: a retirement with NO compromise in lifestyle in which your income grows right along with your living costs (inflation) and the preservation and enhancement of your principal as a legacy for your children.

There is a natural tension between those two goals (Income and Preserving Principal).

However, our strategy can encompass both life goals simultaneously! The Financial well being of two- and possibly more generations of your family rests on your decisions and how you put your decisions into action.

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