Wealth Transfer Strategy

Family Gift Planning
Keeping it all in the family

Want to take it with you?
(or at least keep it in the family?)
There are 3 (Three) Possible "Heirs" to share Your Estate:
  • Your Family
  • Your Charity
  • The I.R.S.

With Proper Planning, You Can Choose TWO...
You Can Disinherit the I.R.S.!

Testing Financial Tolerance For Family Gifting

Once you understand that present gifting makes tax sense you must determine if gifting makes sense for you- long term!

You must determine the answer to this question? We must make sure that there's no way we can run out of money for ourselves. I don't ever want to ask for any of our gifts back-Can we afford to gift?

To determine your tolerances for gifting you must analyze your retirement cash flow needs (with inflation) combined with a study of your estate tax liabilities- including a review of the effects of present interest gifting vs. a no gifting analysis.

Only then can you have the comfort (tolerance) for gifting no matter how much tax sense it may make.

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Our Unique Software Service Allows You to Play the "What If" Game! Explore Varying Scenarios to Personalize and Customize your Own Gifting Program to Children and Grandchildren(after your retirement is withdrawn).


Are you on a present value gifting program?
Understand the $10,000 Annual Estate Tax Deduction per child. (Use it or Lose it)
Not all gifts are treated the same from a tax point of view. (Company stock, cash, R/E,  Pensions)

          Fully understand

Advantages and disadvantages
How to develop an appropriate game plan for your family
How to be certain of any impact to your lifetime security
How to find the most efficient types of assets to gift
How to maximize flexibility
The full range of family asset preservation


Estate and transfer taxes can be confiscatory- in some cases taking over 80 on the dollar for certain types of assets (37% - 85%).
A well designed gifting program can shift money from one "Family Pocketbook" to another family pocketbook, bypassing all transfer costs
Income taxes have already been paid on much of your asset base. Proper gifting can avoid "double taxation" on all cumulative gifts and the growth of them.
Modest gifts, properly funded over many years can create significant amounts in "Protected Family Assets"


We will ask you specific questions to determine your areas of interest and individual circumstances.
We will agree on a specific "assignment" to provide you a preliminary, educational proforma with information customized to your own situation.
We have enough confidence in our ability to bring added value to you, our client, that we speculate our time. You pay no fees for our consultation. We are compensated in two ways.
Transactional compensation (if transactions occur)
Reference Kit Profiles
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