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This page is sooooo under construction. It was really neat in 1997, but now it needs some updating.

I've been published

I love playing around with statistics, and when the seedings came out for the NCAA tournament in 1997, somebody gave Fairfield a "5 gazillion to 1" shot of winning. I'll admit it's a long shot, but I'd have gladly bet a penny with those odds. Anyhow, I calculated the odds of a 16 seed winning the tournament (Preview: it's considerably less than 5 gazillion to 1), and posted it to a newsgroup. The editor of the online Journal of Basketball Studies, liked what he saw and put it in there. .

Update of Calculating Tournament Odds

In 2004 somebody tracked me down and actually interviewed me for an article. So, I've updated the data about Calculating Tournament Odds. When a 16-seed beats a 1-seed, it won't be a surprise to me.


I've done some travelling, and I've kept a journal on a few of my trips. Two of my trips have been with Contiki, and I had a blast.

I took a 15 day trip to Europe in 1995, and I went to the Australian Outback for 17 days in January of 1997. Someday I'll make it a totally multimedia experience and put the pictures up there. But, for now, you're gonna have to use the text and your vivid imagination.

Ribbon Boards

I promise that I'll update this sometime. But in the meantime, so Google will pick it up, here's the webpage about my wife making Ribbon Boards .

Selling Dollhouse Miniatures

We got a hold of some Dollhouse Miniatures and we're trying to sell them.

The Chair Doc of Boone

My father-in-law fixes antique chairs. It doesn't matter whether it's cane, reed, rush, or whatever. And his website is the same marvel of technology that this one is.

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