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How does that make you feel, troll?
Dr. Troll is unconditionally empathethic. Enter his office a troll and leave wiser than a genie. Just click on a question or issue and wait for the WAV file to load. Dr. Troll loves to receive personal inquiries. Just click on the email button on the trollbar below.
Dr. Troll, I trust you to tell me the truth. Am I really a troll? Hear Dr. Troll help a troll recover a repressed memory! Special!!!!
People tell me I drink and smoke too much. Should I get help? I feel that with age I have become less attractive. How can I cope?
I feel that my penis is too small by gay standards. What can I do? Now that I've told you my story, do you think I need therapy?
I don't feel I have adequate love in my life. What's your advice? Do you have any positive affirmations I could repeat to make myself feel more masc?
My penis doesn't work as well as it used to. What to do? What do you think my longterm goal in therapy should be?
Life doesn't seem fair. Does anyone really care? I take offense at the way effeminant men represent us to society. What do you think?
What makes my problem so unusual? Thank you for visiting. Dr. Troll always uses the last few minutes of sessions for closure. Hear for yourself!


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