Hi! My name is Gretchen, I live in Georgia with my mom, dad, little sister and brother.  Other names I answer to are Mouth of the South and Miss Piggy.  I am a 16 1/2 year old miniature schnauzer - guess that makes me a senior citizen now! 

The past several years of my life have been pretty traumatic.  First, my human sister gave my daddy the light of his life, a precious puppy for Father's Day.  Believe me she's no angel, she's a royal pain.  Stop by and visit  the holy terror at Missy's World.

Then my mom got a hair brained idea to rescue a dog.  He's been living with us now for 5 years, and if anyone needs rescuing, it's me!  Now I have to share my bed and biscuits with two other hounds.  You can check out my brother at Zach's Shack.


  Gretchen, The Great Detective!

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