I am proud to tell you that around these parts I am now known as Gretchen,  the Great Detective!  Let me explain to you how my new profession came about.

For almost 10 years, Mommy had a beautiful, little doll who sat in her high chair in our kitchen.  One day Mommy noticed Dolly was missing & the high chair was completely empty.  She asked my daddy if he had seen Dolly & even suggested that perhaps his "darling little angel" a.k.a as my sister knew where she was.  Finally, Mommy posted a sign above the chair stating that  Dolly was missing & that an award was being offered.
Immediately I began contemplating what the reward for finding Dolly would be.  As I continued to ponder the doll's whereabouts, I began to think about some other strange things that had occurred in our family lately.
My mommy loves to take nice warm bubble baths - she considers that her well deserved luxury at night after having dealt with my sister all day.  Those pretty little "net things" she uses were disappearing at a frightening rate.  Every time Mommy went to the store, she would buy 2 - 3 more of them.  By the end of the week they were always gone!


I just knew the thief just had to be my little sister, Missy, because she is a real sneak.  I also knew I would have to find all of  the evidence to convince my daddy.   Daddy thinks his little darling can do absolutely nothing wrong!
I started out searching through Missy's toy box.  I didn't find Dolly or the net things with any of her toys.  However, I did find it very interesting that a lot of Missy's toys were not in her toy box.
I crawled under Mommy & Daddy's bed searching for any thread of evidence.  Dolly wasn't here either, but I noticed one of Mommy's schnauzer slippers had escaped from the closet & was hiding under the bed.  I inspected that slipper like any good detective would &  saw right away it was missing his nose.  Now, I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that my sister had to be responsible.

I went back into the living room trying to figure out what could have happened to Dolly.  I was sitting there thinking surely even Missy wasn't dumb enough to eat all of those "net things."  I had checked out the entire house for her missing toys & had not found them.  Just as I was about to close my eyes for a little snooze I saw Dolly's foot sticking out from  under the love seat.  Since I am too big to crawl underneath the love seat, I ran to get my mommy to show her.

Mommy shoved the love seat a little bit & then turned it over upside down.  When she saw Dolly, her bath "net things" & all of the poor little mutilated toys she took off to find her camera.  I stayed there & guarded the evidence until Mommy returned with her camera.  We both knew only pictures would convince my daddy of the destruction & thievery that had taken place in our very own house.  Mommy was so sad when she picked up Dolly, I felt sorry for her.   After she took all of the pictures, I took Mommy into the bedroom to see her schnauzer slipper.  This time, she didn't look sad she looked very mad!   She then started calling Missy, who was nowhere in sight.  We looked for her for a long time & then finally gave up.  A couple of hours later, a little nose appeared from under the couch.

Below are the photos presented as evidence to my daddy.  Now, I am sure had Daddy refused to accept the inevitable, Mommy might have requested an attorney's input.  After you view all of the evidence I collected, be sure to see what I collected as my reward.



Good Detective Work Really Pays Off

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