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beware!.jpg (11001 bytes)
This photo is before my 1st haircut
gretchenspage2.jpg (6994 bytes)
 I just got my 1st haircut

gretchbd2.jpg (7668 bytes)
My first birthday
laundrybsk.jpg (11432 bytes)
Stuck in the laundry basket

Cmas962.jpg (10025 bytes)
Christmas with Geoffey
nitetime.jpg (7994 bytes)
All comfy in my sister's bed

coolgretchen.jpg (8732 bytes)
Looking Cool
geoffhogging.gif (32289 bytes)
Geoffrey trying to hog the camera again



GirlsOnPorch2.jpg (9418 bytes)
On the front porch with Missy 
GretchenLake25.jpg (13704 bytes)
Hiking at Vogel State Park
Gretleaves2.jpg (15758 bytes)
Helping Daddy with the leaves

Catching rays in my backyard

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