Run #547 Asleep on the Learning Curve


“He’s cum a long way, baby,” is how Cock Exchange described Mr. Bone Jangles last Thurs. Yes sir, from neophyte hare to one who can get the pack lost for hours. From Scarlett O’Hairy’s little lost sheep to The Pattersi Women’s ichiban Man Bitch. Tongueless and Fits In couldn’t be prouder of their least furry love child, even Whippet In and Whippet Out let him eat from their dish. Our hero of the learning curve called the pack to order at the parking lot of the yacht club on Marina Blvd. and Lyon but moved it slightly so that he could claim it was in Crissy Field. Happily the two parking lots were in sight of each other and his slip didn’t sink any ships. While the pack huddled for warmth Scarlett, Escrowtum, and Goes Down Easy were licking their chops over Just Mark, super agent, and Swollen, Gaping, Festering Hole from the Rhode IslandH3. The bims circled these poor lads like chum maddened sharks. They finally decided that religion should be delivered from our visiting hasher SGFH who handled the Male Missal as to the manor born. By the time he was done bumping and grinding even Just Sassy and Napoleon Bonerdog were hot and howling. Just Doesn’t Get It could only grin and say “well, bitches will be bitches” as he grounded Nappy on the spot. As the wind blew off the excess estrogen it was time to be on-on. Trail took the pack around the Exploratorium and towards the Lombard Gate of the Presidio. Seeing the rest of the lemmings head for the Lyon steps Tongueless attempted a vulgar mind meld with Mr. BJ. The sight was too much for Splat who swooned and went splat. Recovering his composure he decided to rely on Tongueless for a sense of direction, is it any wonder that our rockets fail. While the pack climbed the steps our hardies stuck to the road and crossed trail where it entered at the top of the steps. A brisk trot along the trails filled the pack’s shoes with sand and led them to the vista point at Arguello. Once again the parties split and the mini pack headed down Arguello to cross trail where it turned west. Our happy band failed to be taken in and headed straight down Arguello and into Crissy Field where Tongueless tried to pave the road with his flesh and blood. Drill Me’s only comment was that he hadn’t left enough to make a fit snack for Bite Size and Just Weaver. Meanwhile back on true trail the pack was being treated to Mr. Bone Jangles’ idea of a short trail. Scarlett’s personal sacrifice of the joy of *unning the trail to create a beer check was all that saved a dehydrated D’anglin Anglin from collapse. Eventually our hare relented and let even the most enthusiastic fitness fiends return to the start so they could do a little liver damage. Sea Breezes flew from the Sacred Bucket and hashers were blown away. Genghis Cock arrived late and whined about his torn Achilles tendon Go Nad who was well beyond the concept of pain suggested he dip his foot in the Bucket and experience its magic healing qualities. By this time Goes Down Easy came to the conclusion that the Bucket had left Snoreplay unfit for foreplay. Cock Exchange who was busy trying her hand at *unning the Circle found that other parts of her anatomy were better suited to control of the likes of I R Stupid and Sheep Style than her hand. DipC Shit who apparently will do anything to get attention was upset that Enter The Gerbil wasn’t there so they could have a Least Hair on the Head Contest. Nipple Tuck you need to control your boy’s enthusiasm. Dr. Kimball was busy wandering around wondering where Bag Lady is when he really needs her then that final cup kicked in and his wandering wondering days were through. Fucking Pesto Chicken was crying in this beer about the litigiousness of ladies and swearing to keep his relationships his own hand. Just Mark, not the super agent, was another late arrival who benefited from bringing a blonde of his own, Just Lisa, to carry him home on his shield. Sadly Likes To Lick who also arrived late was sans his blonde and was forced to return home under his own control or lack thereof. Survivors found themselves in the Final Final. Cheers.





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