Assembly of Solomon Radical Magick F.A.Q.

Q. What is the Assembly of the Knowledge & Wisdom of Solomon?

A. In the middle 1980s on the suggestion of William Breeze (Tau Silenus), Rev. Allen Greenfield, then already a 25-year student of the occult and esoteric erotic arts, contacted Breeze's acknowledged first teacher, Bishop Hogg. Hogg, upon hearing Greenfield's story and background, referred the latter to his teacher, Docteur Michael Bertiaux of Chicago, with a recommendation of consecration to the apostolic and Gnostic episcopate. The Synod of Patriarch Bertiaux's Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis voted unanimously (14-0) for said consecration, and Bertiaux chartered Greenfield, effective 21 September 1986, to form The Ecclesiae Gnosticae Sapientiae Salamonis as its presiding bishop. Greenfield's credentials were recognized in writing as valid by Breeze in his capacity as EGC Patriarch without restriction. Additional recognitions, reconsecrations sub conditione and letters patent from various bodies have reinforced the egregore of this body of manifestation.

Q. What is the history of this assembly?

A. The Assembly tended to confine its activities in its early years to the study of the roots of occult power, including the succession of the apostles and various authentic traditions, both in theory and in practice, in frequent communication with Docteur Bertiaux. In the 1990s, after reconsecration sub conditione by Bertiaux in Chicago, the Assembly, in conjunction with the Rites of Memphis & Misraim-based Lodge of the Sons & Daughters of Aaron (chartered by Bertiaux, 1992), and the Order QBLH OAA, began serious, highly productive experimental Work with the New Aeon English Qabala, discovered by Jim Lees in England and developed by Carol Smith, Jake Stratton-Kent and the late W. W. Webb and the late Tim Coutu in America.

The Work with the Bertiaux points chauds empowerment system was also begun, with highly promising results by the mid 1990s. The seminal sexual magick of the HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT-BROTHERHOOD OF EULIS was promulgated and expounded in a special numbered limited edition of True Quest for the Holy Grail, distributed at no cost on a limited basis to initiates. A second, much expanded edition was issued in the late 1990s on the same basis. After 2000, the Assembly began the consecration (Apostolic Permission to Consecrate bishops in the gnosis having been given in 1986) and points chauds ("hot points") empowerments to experienced and gifted students, in conjunction with The Lodge of the Sons and Daughters of Aaron, through which we have explicit authorization to confer the degrees of the Antient & Primitive Rite, and with the cooperation of our allied bodies in free communion with us.

This built upon the ten years of such work and study which preceded, with new realizations, based on experiments rooted in Scientific Illuminism. This was frequently done at "Consecration Rock" at the very ancient ley-line convergence power-spot known as Arabia Mountain in North Georgia, not far from the utopian community Peter Davidson and the HB of L attempted to establish in the period circa 1886-1915. Our current efforts (ongoing and participatory) are collectively termed, "The Great Arabia Mountain Working".

Q. What is your primary current Work?

A. The Assembly acts first and primarily to facilitate free illuminist bodies, individuals, temples and nodes worldwide.

Q. Are the Assembly and Lodge membership-based? Do they charge any fees? Do they require oaths of their constituents? Do they require secrecy?

A. Beyond simple common-sense respect for the privacy of others, both the Assembly and Lodge are a totally voluntary free communion of advanced and talented adepti, and no fees, oaths, or similar practices are required or necessary. The Assembly and Lodge acts as an umbrella to facilitate bodies and individuals in free communion. Participants are encouraged, in the spirit of Scientific Illuminism, to publicly record and critically comment upon our Work and their own progress - or lack thereof - on their own initiative, in public and private forum. No oaths or fees are part of our Work.

Q. Do the Assembly and Lodge have historic credentials?

A. Yes, both through the Gnostic and Apostolic Successions passed on to us by Michael Bertiaux, as well as the Lodge credentials of the Antient & Primitive Rite of the Authentic Magical Tradition of the most ancient lineages, and through the direct lineal descendants of Frontal Chief Peter Davidson, who have given us unstinting cooperation in carrying on the Work of their illustrious ancestor, the last Frontal Chief of the historic HB of L, proper. In certain instances the Assembly Coordinator has asked for and received the explicit authorization of Davidson's heirs to carry on the work of the HB of L. The freely associated constituents and synods have extensive backgrounds in the knowledge and wisdom of virtually all occult and metaphysical systems, at very high levels of initiation. In addition, over the years we have vastly expanded the egregoric links to various bodies in the Authentic Tradition.

Q. How does the Assembly operate?

A. While we participate in and support local bodies worldwide, our primary function is as an umbrella and switchboard and jumping-off place for such bodies and individuals. We act in an advisory capacity where requested.

Q. How does one become involved in the Work of The Assembly of the Knowledge and Wisdom of Solomon and/or The Lodge of the Sons and Daughters of Aaron?

A. Send a contact address, your birth data, a magical and personal resumé, and, if possible, a photograph (for aura study) to the Coordinator TSH=171 (Tau Sir Hasirim) via We want only to assure that you are ready and able to work with our cutting edge magical technologies and experimental Work, and no one is excluded based on race, creed, color, nationality, other affiliations, ideology or status in the profane world. The Work is for all who are ready for it.

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